MV Plugins

This page lists all of the plugins I have written.

If you have any videos or tutorials that you would like me to add to any of these plugins, just send them to me and I will take a look.

Battle Enhancements

Database Tools

Event Tools



Audio and Video

Actors and Parties

  • Inventory Core – core functionality for managing inventories
  • Multiple Inventories – provides functionality for switching and merging inventories
  • Custom Party Leader – custom actor as the leader. Doesn’t have to be in the party
  • Exp Tables – specify experience required per level using tables
  • Battle Exp Distribution – changes the amount of EXP that the enemies reward
  • Instance Actors – Manage custom actors during the game. These actors can be created during the game
  • Parameter Tables – Allows you to use spreadsheet software to maintain parameters for classes
  • Party Manager – Create and manage multiples parties in your game.
  • Guest Followers – add actors to your party that don’t participate in battle

Characters and Vehicles


Equipment Systems

  • Equip Slots Core – customize equip slots for each actor individually!
  • Weapon Damage – define custom weapon damage formulas that you can use in skills

Enemies and Troops


Scenes and Windows

Skills, Items, and Actions

  • Double Cast State – create a state that will double the number of hits each skill makes
  • Formula Effects – define your own custom effects using formulas right in the database!
  • Effect Conditions – control whether an effect can be executed using formula conditions!