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Shop Manager 4

Shop Manager

In RPG Maker, you can open shops to allow players to buy or sell items. However, the functionality that is available is very limited. The Shop Manager provides basic shop management functionality. At the core of...


Hidden Shop Goods

In RPG Maker MV, when you create shops, you start by specifying a list of items that will be sold, along with their prices. The engine then handles the rest for you so that when the...


Sell Price Formulas

The Shop Manager has been updated to support custom sell price formulas for a shop. By default, the selling price of an item is equal to half the buying price of the good at the...

Shop option: price formula 4

Shop option: price formula

The Shop Manager now supports a new shop option called “price formula”. This allows you to set the price of a good using a formula. The basic use case is to allow you to...

Gamble Item Shop 18

Gamble Item Shop

This script allows you to create a shop that sells “gamble items”. Gamble items are shop goods where the player has a random chance of obtaining an item from a pre-determined set of items.