RGSS3 Scripts

Almost all scripts that I have written can be found here. I have been updating this list less frequently ever since I started making actual blog posts, however.

All scripts are for RPG Maker VX Ace unless specified.
You may re-post any of the scripts on this blog anywhere, but it is preferred that you link to the actual blog post because I may make changes at anytime.

Note that scripts that do not have a blog post (eg: they are posted on a forums) are likely not supported. If you come across such a script and would like assistance, please make a post on the forums addressing the issue and I will look at it there. If I am interested in providing proper support for the script I will then make a blog post.

Core Scripts

I only call them “Core” scripts because they are meant to overwrite the default scripts, and all other scripts will be built on these scripts. They tend to be fairly short since they are just changing specific pieces of code, and you only need it if a script uses it.

Event related

Actor Related

Command related

All scripts require the Command Manager

Party related

Items/Skills related

Map Related

Feature Related

All scripts require the Feature Manager

Enemy Related

Equip Related

Troop Related

Shop Related

All scripts require the Shop Manager

Sprite Related

State Related

Effect Related

  • Conditional Effects –

All scripts require the Effect Manager

Action Related

Battle Related

Scene/Window Related

Message Related

Dev Tools

Utility Scripts

Convenience scripts for other scripters and script-users


These are older scripts that I wrote when I first started RM scripting. No guarantees that they will work…

140 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Please, can you update the download link for the Monster Hunter script
    thanks in advance

  2. everlyham says:

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  3. Sig says:

    Hello! Thanks a lot for your work!
    I might be a little too late, but if it’s not too much trouble, could you update the link of your Vehicle Events script? It’s a really useful script and somehow the only one of its kind, and I really need it for a project.

    Thank you!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hello Hime, your link for Monster Hunter which linked into dropbox is down, i really need it

  5. Juye says:


  6. Darksoma says:

    Hello, if you’re still doing these VX Ace Scripts, is it possible to get a script that’ll make it so that your followers in the map would be in different positions, similar to how Kingdom Hearts Party Members are in game?

  7. Patrick says:

    Your parameter level script download link to dropbox on RPGMakerCentral does not work anymore, the page claiming “file not found”.So, please update the download so people can use that nifty script again

  8. Gildart says:

    Hi !

    Just a post to inform you that your Dropbox link for the Vehicle Events script is down.

    And thank you for your great job !

  9. Lonelytomato19 says:

    I’m unsure of if my message went through or not since there was a thunderstorm last night and I don’t see it here.

    But the links for your Parameter Levels, Magic Units, and Magic Junction downloads are down and if you could, I’d love for them to be put back up.

  10. Juaz says:

    Hello there,

    Can you reupload the Rotate Formation script?
    The link expired I think “^^>

    Thank you very much

  11. Amyrakunejo says:

    Hello again, my dearest lady fair.

    On the Database Notes, I’ve always wondered how to implement a skill to hit function that continues to hit the target until the attack misses. Is it possible to implement this with Database Notes?

    If you’re not sure what I mean, like, a Saiyan Rage induced barrage of punches that continues hitting, doing more and more damage, until the first miss, which could potentially mean that the first attack misses and does no damage, or the attack hits a hundred times before a miss.

    If one could reply quickly, I’d appreciate it much. Take care, milady.

  12. Hello, thanks for your script.
    Could you update the links (or give the script) of Magic Unit / Magic Junction and Draw Magic, please ?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hey, the link in the thread for your Window Timer script for VX Ace leads to a 429 error on dropbox 😮

    ((thank you for creating so many great scripts by the way, they’re all so helpful!))

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hello Hime, your link for autoremoval which linked into dropbox
    expired (error 429)
    Can you please fix it ?
    I dont want necromancing the thread

  15. kankan says:

    The link to your Event Positions redirects me to your RPGMakerCentral thread but the dropbox link to your script in there gives me a 429 error. 🙁

  16. Max says:

    Hey, can you post the reverse time script again?

  17. Amyrakunejo says:

    I have seen this Materia System script elsewhere, however I am not looking to have the battle scene be a side view. Long story short, I had thought you had made a similar system, but am unsure of which script it would be. Oh, the materia system was made by a one Victor Sant.

  18. Max says:

    reverse time script has traffic shown on dropbox.Please if you can ,I need it.

  19. CrystalStars says:

    I think the database notes script is down,I get a 429 error when I try to get it from Dropbox.

  20. Rant says:

    Hello, Hime. Thanks for your amazing scripts. I hope you can help me with a problem: I want my map to be like Game Boy’s Zelda games (the map scrolls when the character gets to the limit of the screen), divided in 17×13 tiles sections. I used your “Zelda-style scrolling script”, and it’s ok, but I want the camera to always focus on the center of these sections. I set the player to begin in the center of one of the 17×13 sections and there is no problem, but when, for example, I enter a house and then get out of it, the camera centers in the player and the sections change… I don’t know if I explained myself. I also used your “camera target script”, but it doesn’t seem to work. I hope you can give me a solution for this. Sorry for the long comment and thank you in advance. 🙂

    P.S. I am using RPG Maker VX ACE.

    • Hime says:

      For the camera target script, are you setting the position of the camera whenever you enter a new map?

      • Rant says:

        Just to make sure I am doing this right: I created the script above main and below materials, then I created an event in the centre of one of the sections, created a movement route in it with the script set_camera_target(char_0) and set it to trigger in paralell. Then I run the game and after “new game” I get this message:
        Script ‘Game_Character’ line 180: NameError occurred.
        undefined variable or method ‘char_0’ for #

        By the way, the download link in your web doesn’t work. I got the script from somewhere else.

        • Hime says:

          It should just be 0.

          • Rant says:

            Ah! Good. It works now, but I would like to set several of these events in the map. The camera only focus on the first one and when I get to the limit of the screen, it doesn’t scroll to the next section…

          • Hime says:

            I think when you get to the edge of the screen, your transfer event should set the focus to the player.

  21. A Magician Named Gob says:

    Sorry to be the bearer of more bad news, but it appears that ‘Double Cast’, ‘Mime Effect’, and ‘Action History’ are down as well because of Dropbox traffic.

  22. AlohaJo says:

    I hate to be a bother, but Dropbox link for the “Random Hits” skill is down as well.

  23. CrystalStars says:

    Hello,not sure if this has been asked somewhere before,also not sure if would be easy/simple or difficult but,with the vampiric weapon script,would it be possible to make it drain MP instead of HP?

  24. Kuri says:

    Hey, sorry to be a bother but the link for the Icon Balloons script also seems to be down! Might you be able to fix it/update it? Thanks 🙂

  25. chaoslight55 says:

    Heya, I’m just posting this to say the Link in the Forum post for Effect: Set Variable is down because Dropbox doesn’t like traffic.

  26. Viuys says:

    Hey Hime, can you update link for Mana Shield?

  27. Aaliya says:

    I’m sorry if I didn’t completely check the list, but is there a script to change a title screen when a certain ending (or a certain switch) has been turned ON? And no matter how many times the player relaunch the game, it will still be the same?

    For example, the original title is a shape of red heart. Then, if the player get a bad ending. When they return to the title, the graphic will change to a black broken heart. Or, if the player get a happy ending, the title will change graphic to a bright pink heart.

    1)No matter where the player save, it will keep affect the title,
    2)Even if they reset or relaunch the game, the graph will stay like that,
    3)It’s controlled by a switch (or maybe variable?), and
    4)It can changed again when the player obtained different ending.

    Please help me ._. Is there a script that can do this? I’m sorry for the long explanation, and I’m actually a newbie at VXAce…

    Thank you.

  28. Wavelength says:

    Hi Hime!

    I’m posting here because you don’t seem to have a HimeWorks page for Large Script Call. Hope you don’t mind!

    The Large Script Call has been one of the most useful scripts I’ve had in ALL of my projects, but the one little annoyance is that it becomes a bit harder to see comments in my eventing (since placing a green “Comment” will break up the large script call). I can still add a code comment as part of the Script call, but that is harder to find when looking through a large event.

    Would it be possible to allow Large Script Call to gracefully skip the “Comment” event code between two otherwise-consecutive Script Calls and treat these two (or more) Script Calls as one? Or would this require a large rewrite of the way that Large Script Call works?

    Thanks as always! 🙂

  29. Both of the methods I know, Himeworks and Galv scripts, offer lots of additional features I just dont want or need.

  30. Amyrakunejo says:

    The region name script is a wonderful script.

    It works without a hitch.

    The only thing though, is that there are only 63 mappable regions. What if one world map had more than 63 different areas (like in Pokemon)? How to circumnavigate that issue?

  31. Amyrakunejo says:

    I know it isn’t a fully supported script, but the Actor Creator is really cool.

    My only issue is that the modifying of existing actors doesn’t work.

    It’ll go into the screen, but guess what?

    Even when I set up the script calls appropriately, it instead makes a new character.

    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

    • Hime says:

      What are your script calls?

      • Amyrakunejp says:

        I’ve got it setup like this:


        false, false, false)

        I have it setup as two separate lines.

        I have not changed the default characters, so actor 11 should be a blank slate when saved to…?

        • Hime says:

          Not sure if the actor_id=11 makes a difference. You can take out the actor_id= part.
          What do you mean by “makes a new character”? It should change actor 11 based on what is specified in the scene.

          • Amyrakunejo says:

            Instead of modifying the current character, it adds a new one, and then I have two in my party.

            Before, if I removed the actor_id= part, it gave me a syntax error, but it’s not doing that now. However, it still makes a new character and I do not understand why (unless I have a cloning issue?)

          • Hime says:

            Please report further issues on the issue tracker, as I do not have plans to support this script.

            You can create a new project demonstrating the issue as well since I don’t know how your project is set up to determine what could be causing the issue.

  32. Amyrakunejo says:

    Anyone remember Intangir, from Final Fantasy VI? You know, the one that started out with ‘Invisible’ status, that launched a flurry of unblockable Meteors if ANY sort of Magic was used on it (including stuff like ‘Cure’), that was incredibly difficult to defeat, and had little purpose for defeat other than a Bestiary entry, 10 AP, and maybe a Magicite Shard. Located on Triangle Island in the first half of the game.

    I’m looking to recreate this in my own game; the problem is, I cannot make the special enemy vanish, even with a complicated mess of troop event pages, conditions and copies of the same enemy (one of which has no graphic). Or no, I can, but it doesn’t always work, and if it does, the enemy, when the conditions for it being invisible are no longer there, does not reappear.

    • Hime says:

      I read about the invisible state. Immune to physical attacks and removed on magical attack. You can create a state that sets PDR to 0% (or was it 100%). I don’t know if they actually turn invisible, but if they do you could use the “enemy transform” command to turn them into the one with no sprite and add the state.

      How did you implement the event to remove the invisibility?

      • Anonymous says:

        Switches, and conditional branches that aren’t exactly effective (currently the enemy in question has three different states -normal- -undead- and -invisible- and each is their own separate enemy listing). The thing about enemy transform is that it doesn’t render the enemy invisible.

        To be precise, when -normal- takes a certain amount of damage, the enemy is supposed to become -undead-. Only then will it use a spell to turn -invisible-.

        After -undead- takes a certain amount of damage, it will return to -normal-, and then the cycle should end there. But going from invisible to undead again has not worked well….unless I’m missing something…

        • Hime says:

          The problem would be determining whether the skill that you use is physical or magical, and executing an event to remove the invisible state based on that condition?

          • Amyrakunejo says:

            I kinda figured out a solution. It required I use more switches, but the flow of battle seems to work correctly now. It also required I added another enemy (I had to break the invisibility cycle to where the enemy could only use it once), but it seems to work. Only issue is unnecessary arbitrary in-battle text that keeps popping up when I don’t need it to…

            Perhaps I’ll use lite cam of bandicam to record the test battle and I’ll either upload it to YouTube or MEGA and send you the url. I’ll also upload screen shots of all the battle pages used if I do this.

  33. Amyrakunejo says:

    About your Banish Script, does it work both ways, on both the party, and the enemy?

    I don’t have an account on rpgmakervxace.net, so if you could just quickly answer this, that would be well appreciated. Merci.

  34. Amyrakunejo says:

    I also have another query.

    The status ailments in Final Fantasy such as Petrify/Stone/Numb, and ones like Zombie that if the entire party is afflicted by in battle, the game ends. How do I implement such status ailments?

    • Hime says:

      The easiest way would be to look for a script that allows you to either have multiple game over conditions, or multiple “death states”. You could potentially implement it using the Battle Rules script, where you create a global battle defeat rule that specifies that if all party members have a particular state, then it’s game over.

      If you are interested in that approach and is not sure how to accomplish it you could leave a comment in that topic.

  35. Genso says:

    Hi Hime, Do you have a script that can change the maximum battle members anytime?

    Or do you have a script that can lock the 4th slot of the formation so there can only be 3 Battle members and unlock the 4th slot when needed. Cause i want the 4th slot to be used by the pet that can be equip by the main character.

    Hope u read this and understand what mean. Sorry about my english….

  36. Alex says:

    I was trying to use the rotation script, and noticed that if there are more than 4 characters in the party, it deletes the 5th character when you press a key to switch party leader. How can this be fixed?

  37. Amyrakunejo says:

    I have a question. In the first RPG Maker game for Play Station, there was a way to make items that would be able to increase Experience points for any party member. How would I implement this for VX ACE? I can make items to increase just about anything else! lol

    • Hime says:

      There isn’t really a built-in way to do it from what I see. You can try using this script: http://himeworks.com/2015/05/gain-exp-effect/

      • Amyrakunejo says:

        It works, but it leaves the menu screen afterwards. Any way to circumnavigate this, to where it either goes back to the item screen or the party screen?

        • Hime says:

          By default, common events will go back to the map. If you wish to have common events run in the item menu, you could use a script like the Scene Interpreter. Just set up your common event as shown in the instructions and you should be able to run your common event right in the item menu.

          • Amyrakunejo says:

            Actually, the script for Exp Gain Items that I was using (before) was a one called Exp Bag (I forget whose it is), and it did return me to the map screen afterward.

            However, yours does NOT. I can use the item, and then choose to continue using the item, or to back out to the item screen if I so desire.

            Super cool. Merci beaucoup.

  38. highder says:

    Hello again! I’m also not being able to call the script again after I have the same random troop encounter twice. Example: I have the script in a random encounter troop. When I encounter this troop the first time, the script runs, but after I encounter the same troop again, the script won’t run. Can you help me, please?

  39. highder says:

    Hi Hime! I’m using your Post-Battle Script to reverse my actor to his original class after battle. However, I also wanted to call this same reverse form script after I escape a battle. Do you have a solution for that? (I want it to work after any battle). Thanks for sharing your work!

    • Hime says:

      Please ask the question under the Post-Battle events post so others can see it as well if they have the same issue. Thanks.

  40. Wavelength says:

    I’m not sure whether I speak for everyone when I say this, but I find it much harder to find your scripts with the new organization of this page.

    If I remember that you have, say, a “User Effects” script, and I want to post a link for someone who needs it, it’s hard to know whether to look in “Action Related”, “Item/Skills Related”, “Effects Related”, or “Battle Related”. I have to hunt for each category, open it, and then look through the list to see if it’s there.

    In the past, I would simply do a Ctrl + F and search for the term, but because the scripts have been “cleaned up” into dropdowns, Ctrl + F won’t find the script until I have figured out the right category and opened it.

    Do you think you could have a button to “Expand All”, or a link to a page which resembles your old “giant list” of scripts without dropdown categories? It would make things a ton more convenient for me and perhaps for a lot of other people who use your scripts.

    I hope this doesn’t come across as unappreciative of the great work that you do; I just suggest it because it’s something I’ve found myself struggling with several times in the past year. Thanks! <3

    • Hime says:

      You’re right, when it comes to finding scripts it’s probably easier to do a find all in hopes that a keyword might lead to a script of interest.

      I’ve removed the collapsible sections.

      • Wavelength says:

        I’m glad to see the old format return 🙂 Although long, it makes it much easier to find scripts that I know or to search for ones that I don’t based on their description. It’s amazing that you have so many!!

  41. Seragion says:

    Had compatibility problems with the Custom Icon Sheet (Ace) script and an Encyclopedia script from another author. I made the following change to get it to work:

    def self.load_icon_sheet(index)
    if index == nil
    index = 0 # dirty cheap fix :)
    @icon_table.each {|sheet, offset, width, height|
    if index >= offset # some scripts are buggy and send no index, so this would throw an error
    index -= offset
    return Cache.system(sheet), index, width, height

    Maybe this will help others as well.

  42. jerryberry says:

    Hi, could you make a script where it inflicts a state based on how much mp the character has? I have no experience with script, so please forgive me if you already made one and I could not understand it. Thank you.

  43. Dioca says:

    hello, i’m currently experimenting with the command manager script, can you please help me on this one case.

    inside a battle scene, I have an actor induced with a state that seals all commands for one turn, except though for two commands: a particular stype skill command and the “item” command.

    How do you seal the “item” command during this state? while leaving only the stype skill command solely available for the actor to choose….? any info will be a great help….

  44. Sainthell says:

    Thanks! it works wonders! i HAVE found a bug (if you do not set any sky enemies, ground enemies will appear instead), but i guess this isn't THAT crucial (a.k.a for me it's good as it is), but i thought it would be nice to tell you. Thanks again!

    • Hime says:

      I will look into that issue at a later point. Maybe I will create a formal post for it since it seems like a cool feature.

      • Sainthell says:

        Just reporting something, on your new version, you can sometimes find "ground" enemies on airship. Maybe it's because i use regions.

  45. Sainthell says:

    I can send all scripts that i use, if you want it. Also, thanks for looking up for me.

  46. Sainthell says:

    Hello there, i'm having some problems using "Vehicle battle". IF i use it, i'll find enemies on my airship, HOWEVER, i can still find them on ground. i DO use region effects, but i wanted it to only happen when i'm on an airship, and on the whole map. Did i do something wrong? is it some kind of compatibility issue? I mostly use Yanfly and your scripts, but i have others, none affecting maps that i remember. Sorry if i wasn't supposed to ask this here, and thanks for the help.

  47. Wavelength says:

    Hi Hime – I don't have an account on RMVXAce.net so I hope you don't mind me asking here.

    Is there any way to use your "Feature Manager" (or any other scripts like Effects Manager, etc.) to script States that scale based on the stats of the user who inflicted that State?

    As examples of what I'm trying to do, poisoning an enemy for a number of turns equal to (user's MAT / 10), or using a spell that increases an ally's strength by the user's AGI at the moment the user casts the spell.

    • Hime says:

      No, I don't have any scripts that have that kind of functionality. If I were to write one I would use the Effect Manager and create a new effect that allows you to specify how many turns a state will be applied.

  48. Necromedes says:

    I was wondering if I understood this correctly from other posts.

    I am under the impression that you did indeed make a 2/or more player script but sadly, I cannot find it anywhere.

    I have managed to allow for secondary player input via events but the constant update of the process gives it a momentary lag as the character is moving.

    Hence why I have turned to scripts to solve the issue.

  49. poundcake says:

    hey hime, is there any way you could update the link to the Event Trigger Labels script? it's just what I'm looking for, but the download script link seems to be broken. thank you!

  50. Alex says:

    Hey Hime, you probably know already but your dropbox links are down. Tried to download a script and got an error. More specifically I tried to download the "set variable" script, but I know other ones aren't working either.

    • Hime says:

      It is back up now.

      • Ray says:

        Hi Hime,
        the db link for Feature: Passive States is still broken, could you please re-upload?
        Thank you so much

        • Hime says:

          The link has been updated. Scripts that are hosted externally likely will only be updated on request since I don't know what's out there for the most part. Most of the scripts that do not have blog posts are likely unsupported as well.

  51. oriceles says:

    ok but im still gettin 'game_battler' line 92: typeerror ocurred. can't conver array integer 🙁 i think is something else in the script, may be it needs an update .-.

    • Hime says:

      Ya it looks like whatever it was using before was taken out for some reason. I've updated the script to use whatever I could find in feature manager.

  52. oriceles says:

    yay it runs now!, but i think that the notetag is from another script, i tried with <ft: add_param 30 > on many objects of the database without a result, im working on a blank project with just passive states and feature manager 2.0

    • oriceles says:

      after a long while tinkering i used <ft: passive_state 30 > on an actor and after the new game command i get: Script 'game_battler' line 92: typeerror ocurred. can't convert array into integer. So i tried reverting what you told me od replacing array with value and got the same error as before, lol. I really want to have this one >.>

    • Hime says:

      The docs were incorrect. It's passive_state

  53. oriceles says:

    hey hime, im using your Feature: Passive States and im gettin nomethoderror ocurred at line 69, undefined methor 'features_array_set' for #<game_actor:0x64b980, i wanted to post the issue at your github site but im from my smartphone and its very slow, my home internet burned down to ashes last week on a fire 🙁

  54. pjcr16 says:

    I get an error on your Event Positions script whenever I move events diagonally using “Set Move Route”
    Error: http://i.imgur.com/htokQN1.png
    Script: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/3913-event-positions/

  55. NUG3M says:

    Hey, first of you, your scripts kick ass, Hime!
    Second, I would like to know if you, or anyone reading this, know how to do damages applied by some effects, like VAMPIRIC WEAPON, to do a propper POP UP DMG on Victor’s Damage Pop Script.
    Thanks already!

    • Tsukihime says:

      Those things need to be added to his script for the most part. I don’t think the script checks for the results from custom effects.

      • NUG3M says:

        Sorry for the re-reply, but do you think there’s an easy way to “identify” this effect as “drain” so victor’s script would understand? I dont know, or any way to add this effect to victor’s… im no programmer, I have no idea what to do

  56. Avis Lee says:

    Hi Tsuki,

    I was searching about for a script to allow passive-skills that had to be equipped to function (like say, in Final Fantasy 5) and I noticed on a particular thread, that you mentioned that although you wouldn’t work on your skill-select system anymore (since it’s complete garbage), but you would consider making add-ons for other skill-equips (such as Yami’s).

    To avoid beating around the bush, if you don’t mind, could you make a passive-state script that’s compatible with a skill-equip (like Yami’s) script? I’d greatly appreciated.


  57. Wolf says:

    Hey there, I really wanted to applaud you on all your scripts; but also to let you know there’s a broken link to the Class Max Level script. I tried searching the vxace site but couldn’t find it.

  58. chaos17 says:

    I’ve a request, can you make a script that allows us to use a more baloons / emote? On Vx, there was a limitation but I am not sure on Ace. If there is one there a script to bypass this limitation will be nice.

  59. The walk water state link took me to Map Screenshot.

  60. Oriceles says:

    You should add all those snippets that you have posted on the request forums

  61. ScutigeraColeoptrata says:


    Let me just say that you scripts are phenomenal. That said, I wish to inquire about the terms of use of a script you wrote which I do not believe is listed here. The script is “[RGSS3] Battle Sprite Auto Position by Tsukihime”:


    I would like to know if this script is also free to use for commercial and free games. Thank you very much!

  62. You may want to make a place for people to report bugs on the blog, so people can report bugs without necroposting.

    • xtsukihime says:

      I would prefer necroposting in the forums, or the comment box for any scripts that I have made a post for. That way others can respond to the issues as well if they have a fix.

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