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RPGMaker MV 1.3.0 Update

A new version of RPG Maker MV is available! You can see the official topic here for downloads and information. To update existing projects, go to the NewData folder in your MV installation path and...


RPG Maker MV 1.2.0 Update

A new version of RPG Maker MV is now available! You can access the download links from the official forum topic. Download Options A new version of the full editor is available for download...


Changes in the Terms of Use

As of today, all of my plugins will no longer require a commercial license to use. Please read over this article to understand the changes that have been made.


Migration to MV

If you haven’t seen it yet, pre-orders are available at RPGMakerWeb. It is priced at 79.99 but if you pre-order now, you can get 10% off! Just click on the image below! With the...


Custom Page Conditions

This script allows you to add custom page conditions to your events using comments and conditional branches. You can add an unlimited number of custom page conditions as long as your event page has room for...

Choice Options 142

Choice Options

This script provides “choice options” that provide finer control over your choices. You can now hide choices that should not be shown using a few simple conditions rather than duplicating a choice list several...