I develop tools that allow others to make stuff or do stuff.
This blog is mainly used for my RPG Maker VX Ace scripts

You will also notice that I maintain a set of Noesis plugins. Noesis is a plugin-extendable tool that allows you to quickly import and export 3D models, images, animations, and archives.

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  1. Mellivora capensis says:

    Hi, hime-san,

    I want to parse a game format, but I can’t write a script to convert it to FBX. Can you help me?

    Can you send me an email, I will send you the file, you try it for me, I will thank you.

  2. T-senp says:

    Hi Hime,

    Do you still make custom plugins? If you are not busy I would like to request/buy a plugin similar to Yanfly’s click trigger. As this plugin is causing issues to me.

  3. Garret says:

    I don’t know if you are still active on here, but a bunch of your old Dropbox links are gone and was wondering if you have copies of your full VXA scripts you could share? Would love to get some of the ones I can no longer find like the Vehicle Events.

  4. uriah says:

    HELLO! please respond tto this msg its very important. make sure to email me as well|

  5. Queen Tea says:

    Hime, I’m using your “connected maps” script but something is bugging out. It might be my fault, but here’s what’s happening: I can connect Map 1 to Map 2 just fine, but when I transfer from Map 2 to Map 3, and go back, Map 2 is no longer connected to Map 1.

    I would appreciate your help or feedback. ,u,

  6. James Griffiths says:

    Hey Hime

    i was just wondering is there a link to download all of your RPG plugins at once? Do I have to each one, One at at time?

    Thanks and keep up the Great Work 🙂

  7. Dear Tsukihime,

    I’ve already contacted you through private message at rpgmakercentral, but I figure I’d have a better chance catching you here.
    I’ve been looking for a scope changing script and a multiplier along with it for RM VX ace and yours are the only ones I was able to find on google. The scope change script is awesome! But I found your dropbox file on the Scope damage multiplier was already inactive. Do you by any chance still have it for me?

    I intend to use it for non commercial use, a fangame based of Lufia Rise of the Sinistrals (Dutch version) I am making together with my sons (10 & 16).

    I would be very pleased if you could help us out as it is the only thing missing out yet to complete our first version.

    Thank you in advance and kind regards,

    William-Peter Spiero.

  8. Yorae Rasante says:

    I really love your work. I was using some of your scripts on my VX Ace project.
    Now I finally got MV, and am trying to convert it to the new RM.
    I am not doing it for commercial use, but I must admit thinking on adding it to google play.
    But, back on track… Are you planning to make your Skill Type Group script for VXAce into a MV plugin? If not, do you mind if I use it as a base to create one? Non-commercial, making it clear it is just a conversion of your own and if you want I’ll send it back to you to put here if I do make it work?

  9. Nathan says:


    I been reading your plugins and I am very grateful for such lovely scripts you have done for rpgmv. I was also wondering I was able to google some scripts associated to vxace regarding a hack and slash kinda battle system script and was wondering if it would be possible to have one for MV too.coz am unable to find one.

    • Hime says:

      I believe there are some scripters working on them right now. You can search for Quasi ABS for more info.

      • sirkos says:

        hey plz fix your HIME_ProgressiveStates plugin it is not compatible with yanfly battle core , its the Doom state without the death at the end of the countdown state here.

  10. miko says:

    Your’e a very talented person for making scrips and js can you please make a casting time js for mv?

  11. HeroZX says:

    Hi Hime , first, i want to tell you, you´re amazing, your scripts are so cool and very interesting.

    And thaks for share your scripts :3

    Second: How can i make a hookshot script?
    Yesterday i saw Xas Battle System and i saw a hookShot Tool.
    and i want to know if you can help me, making a hookshot script (only the hookshot)

    I dont have a much knowledge about scripts~~ :C
    thats why i asking you.
    (because your scripts are amazing :v )

    Please if you have time, help me (^w^)

  12. Valo1 says:


    Im just wondering, under terms of use it says that some scripts are free for both non commercial and commercial use, is the casting time script under that banner?

  13. Hayashi says:

    Hi, hime-san,

    At the moment I'm working on a game development project with a friend of mine, and there are some limitations with the default capabilities of VX Ace we hope to circumvent with scripts, but we do not have a scripter on board at the moment – I'm only able to event and use scripts, but not actually write scripts.

    I notice that in the site you mentioned that works are free for use, but the majority of RMVXA projects actually get released for free. In the event that we release the game commercially (the pilot will be free, but we're intending to market Arc I and later on Arcs II and III commercially), I'd like to check with you what form of compensation you would expect. Also, as Arcs II and III will become far more involved in terms of gameplay requirements, when it comes to that we might have some things we want to do that might require custom script requests. Would you be willing to undertake those on a per-script compensation basis?

    Thank you.

  14. kenny says:

    Hey dude, how do you use neosis tool to open a xmod that was extracted off the packages files from the game age of wushu?

  15. RogueDeus says:

    It doesn’t seem as though anyone has make a script to handle dynamic inventory count limits. Something as simple as Yanfly’s ‘Adjust Limits’ script, applies a static default to all items, and then allows you to set an items limit individually. But no ability to ‘adjust’ it dynamically. maybe I want the player to find an inventory expanding item that adds +5 to the default limit, or +25 to all potions, etc… No script for that anywhere I have looked.

    Would you be up for the task? 🙂
    If not, no biggie.

    • Hime says:

      The main reason why I haven’t gotten around to writing inventory-related scripts is because people are almost inevitably going to ask for windows to display the custom information and for extra scripts to handle the cases where you do not have enough room. If there are no scripts to provide this visual aid, then the functionality is basically useless, so I never prioritized them.

      • RogueDeus says:

        True. I think I have managed a work around for now, in the way I display item descriptions. Also, it may help that all like items, but a few specific ones, are limited at the same quantity. I figure, if they enjoy my game, they will make mental notes of what they can and cant carry. And if it irritates them, then they can focus on expanding it via collectable’s or even wearable’s if a script can get that detailed.

        I can imagine that my relatively limited item cap may cause some issue with people feeling that they are being cheated when they loot something if its an item that’s already capped. But that’s my issue as a designer to work around. Of course it would help it whatever inventory script is made, can include a check for a looted item that is already capped, and allow the designer to set an ‘exchange’ item (or list) to fall down till a non-capped item can be looted. (As a quick fix)

        Also, it helps that I have grabbed Bubble’s ‘TMI Item Scene’, and ‘Info Pages’, script which, combined with his crafting system, does wonders for inventory display. Better than I could have hoped for a free to use script anyway. Much like M.Algebra’s Quest Journal. Exceptional is an understatement.

        I have run into a few hiccups with script compatibility lately, but nothing to terrible.

        If you are up to making an inventory control script, I would love to give you a simple wish list. 🙂 And you could always disclaimer, that begging for window dressing is a no-no.

        But no pressure. I am content with what work you provide. You are most gracious.

  16. RogueDeus says:

    Hime, I know that I have made a few requests on some of your other scripts, and you have been very gracious in adding a few of them. That is unusual, as every other scripter I have made requests of have either ignored or insulted me. 🙂

    So please understand, I ask this with a humble fear and no expectations as I am wondering if you might be up for writing a completely new script?

    Please allow me to explain:

    I looked around for a battler invisibility script, or something I can turn into one, and found nothing. Your ‘Untargetable State’ script is great, but it’s an all or nothing proposition and doesn’t affect the state holders opacity at all…

    Thus, I have managed to crudely hack together an Invisibility like effect with special battlers. The hack requires me to have two of the battler, one with a graphic and one without, thus the battler with a graphic is ‘Transformed’ via a common event attached to an enemy only skill, into the battler without a graphic.

    I then use your ‘Active Cost’ script to whittle down the enemies MP till they have none left, which triggers the use of a second skill, to turn visible, and gain +1MP in order to not trigger the ‘turn visible’ skill again.

    like I said, crude. But it works.

    An idea solution, for me, would be if the opacity change were be applied via an active state. And I am thinking the state would use your ‘Active Cost’ (or a default restriction) to limit duration.

    It would be even more awesome if the opacity effected the player battler portraits as well. But it’s not necessary. Another thing might be to allow a skill to dynamically effect the states opacity, so the target might become more and more visible, based on what skill is successfully used on it? Or even provide a text feedback saying enemy 50% visible, 55% visible, etc… Come to think of it, this might have applications to many other parameters, such as evasions, reflections, etc… the visible/opacity effect may just be optional.

    But I digress. I will be happy with a simple opacity change on state active. If you think it’s worth making. And if you don’t I will trudge on with no hurt feelings. 😉

  17. xDGameStudios says:

    This is incredible!! 😀 You’re the best RGSS programmer I know! Congrats! 😀
    I wanted to “request” for something that was already made for RPG Maker XP. Can you make a window class rewrite? My problem is that I want to change the margin of the cursor (by default the cursor is sampled by taking a 1 pixel border from the system skin, I wanted to change it to another value.) another thing is the flashing… I wanted the cursor not to flash, only be a static image behind the selected text. Do you think you can well me please?!

  18. Filipe says:

    Hi ! Do you have a team ?
    Do you want to work in my project ( it is an online game ) ?

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