Migration to MV

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With the announcement of RPG Maker MV’s release date coming up on October 23, 2015, I will be migrating to the new engine as soon as it is available.

As a result, I will focus less on Ace and more towards MV. I will continue using this website to post any new works, with a separate section for MV scripts.

However, this does not mean all Ace scripts will be abandoned!

Ace Script Support

I will continue to provide support for existing Ace scripts. As usual, just leave a comment on the script page, Facebook, or Twitter; use the issue tracker; or use the contact form to send me an email regarding any issues.

Ace Script Compatibility with MV

Wondering whether you can use my scripts in MV?

RPGMaker MV provides a Javascript scripting interface. As a result, scripts that are written for Ace are not compatible and cannot be used in MV.

MV Script Porting Requests

From my experience with Ace as well as the previews shown over the past few weeks for MV, I am pretty sure there will be a lot of functionality that still won’t be provided out-of-box.

Over time, I will be porting over scripts that I think would be useful for development, and writing new scripts since the new script system is much more open than before.

If there are any scripts that you really want to have in MV, just send me a message on Facebook, Twitter, on my request/issue tracker, or the contact form.

See you on MV.

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2 Responses

  1. Halrawk says:

    Sounds awesome hime! I’m pretty excited for MV, hope it opens a lot of new possibilities.

    Also, figured I’d post a comment because I read a lot of your updates but rarely every comment.

    • Hime says:

      As long as people read them 🙂

      With the new browser capabilities, I’m looking forward to a new way to present scripts.

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