Sell Price Formulas


The Shop Manager has been updated to support custom sell price formulas for a shop. By default, the selling price of an item is equal to half the buying price of the good at the shop.

This new feature allows you to separate the selling price from the buying price using simple script calls.

For example, if a Potion was item 1 in your database, and you wanted a shop to sell potions for 500, you would make the script call

sell_price("i1", "500")

The formula supports all of the variables that the other shop options support, allowing you to create custom and dynamic shop prices to suit your needs.


Integrated into the Shop Manager

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9 Responses

  1. Jishaku Man says:

    Seriously, why wasn’t this remade for RPG Maker MV like all the other RGSS3 scripts? The MV Shop Manager doesn’t have this functionality. Why was this not included?
    This script was so easy: just use a script call and voila, you can sell back all of your items at exorbitant rates, finally taking revenge upon all the Tom Nooks of the world.
    Just remake this as a plugin for MV Tsukihime, the world needs this!

  2. Hi. Maybe I’m just too much of a dweeb to figure it out, but what I’d like to do is set a price difference for -all- of the goods in a shop. Like, when variable x >= 10 I can set up a certain shop to give an additional 10% for any items sold. Is that possible, and what would the formula be? Would it have to be done for each individual item? I would like this to work with a sell only shop. When I select the “purchase all” option, I’m not really creating an item list to draw from. How would I make the script call? I previously tried sell_price( , “*.110”), and it gave me an error.

    • Hime says:

      Yes, you would need to specify the price for each item individually since the shop manager does not support shop-wide properties (eg: 10% discount/bonus on all items).
      For sell-only shop, the sell price is treated as the buy price in this case, so you would need to use price_good, but it doesn’t support referencing the original price stored in the database.

  3. Shiori4me says:

    Do you plan to make it so that a shop can has stock?
    I'm using
    (which the url is misleading because it's more than that)
    If you've played Western RPGs, you would know of individual shop prices and stock and going to the port town to buy cheap fish in bulk and the mountain place for good metals, and how certain places really want special goods from you and will pay good money for them
    But crap, sell and buy prices? Darn, now I can't pick!
    And I don't know how to get sell and buy prices separate from your script or stock separate from his XD And I feel like you guys would be insulted if I asked how on making one or the other set of features separate from the actual shop engine so I can use it with the other shop engine, respectively

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