Event Tile option for Map Screenshots

The Map Screenshot script has been updated to support a new feature that allows you to indicate that an event is a “tile” event.

You can choose to show or hide events in your screenshots, but sometimes you might have events that are meant to act as tiles, but you still don’t want to show other events such as NPC’s.

The solution here is to distinguish between normal events and “tile” events so that even if you don’t draw events, the tile events are still drawn.

To specify that an event should be a tile event, create a comment on the first page and tag it with

<screenshot: tile>


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2 Responses

  1. Yudho says:

    Can I ask? sorry for out of topic.
    I want to ask about how to use scripts WF-RGSS Whiteflute.

    -how to install the script
    -how to use the script method

    Because I always fail to put the script and error.
    Help me! please ….

    sorry for bad english.

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