Category: RGSS3

Effect: Shapeshift 90

Effect: Shapeshift

This effect allows you to transform one battler to another by applying a state. Adding it to an actor will transform to another actor, while adding it to an enemy will transform it to...


Count Up Clock

By default, the RPG Maker’s timer counts down. You can set when the timer will begin, and it will count down from there. Once it hits zero, the timer will automatically stop. This script...

Collision Map Overlay 4

Collision Map Overlay

This script draws the currently active collision map over the game map. It allows developers to test their passage settings with the collision map as reference.


Collision Maps

This script allows you to replace your tile passage settings with a collision map. Collision maps are optional; a map can use the default tile passage settings. However, you can only choose between one or the...