Transparent Sprites


This script allows you to adjust the opacity of character sprites such as events or the player using script calls. Note that it does not support images with semi-transparent pixels.


Script: download here
Required: HimeBitmap.dll


Place this below Materials and above Main.
Place the DLL in your System folder


To change the opacity of a character, use the script call

set_opacity(character_id, opacity)

If the character_id is 0, then the current event’s opacity is changed.
If the character_id is -1, then the player’s character is changed, along with
all followers.

Any other number will be the event corresponding to that ID.

For the opacity value, 0 is completely transparent, 255 is opaque, while anything in between is just partially transparent.


To set the player’s opacity to 128 (half transparent), use

set_opacity(-1, 128)

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  1. it’s nice but I’m not sure if it’s worth it since Set Move Route command has a change opacity already

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