Character Flash

This script allows you to have characters on your map start flashing. You can choose how long the flash should be and the color of the flash, as well as the number of times it will flash.

If the character flashes more than once, then it will flash at a constant rate specified by the duration. Note that if a character will flash endlessly, you must explicitly turn off the flash.


Good for highlighting events or characters during cut-scenes.



Script: download here


Place this script below Materials and above Main.


To make a character flash, make the script call

   character_flash(id, duration)
   character_flash(id, duration, loop)
   character_flash(id, duration, loop, color)

Where ID is

   -1 for the player
   0 for the current event
   1 or higher is the specified event ID

The duration is the number of frames that you want it to flash.

Loop is the number of times it will loop. By default, it will only loop once (1), but you can have it loop infinitely by passing in 0. If it loops infinitely, then you will need to manually end the flashing, using the script call


The color of the flash is a Color object. If the color is not specified, it defaults to white. See example below for specifying colors.


To have event 3 flash red (RGB value 255,0,0), looping endlessly at a rate of 60 frames per flash, make the script call

   color =, 0, 0)
   character_flash(3, 60, 0, color)

Remember to end the character flash afterwards when you are done with the flashing.

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30 Responses

  1. parafusion says:

    This script is very useful in a game where the player has access to an open-world environment at the early stage of the game as well as an encounter system that utilizes enemy sprites running around. Using conditional branches you can set the event of overpowering enemies to flash red for as long as the main character's level is below a certain threshold. A very handy script, thanks!

  2. Kiyoshi says:

    The dropbox link is disabled, would you enable it again? I'd really like to use this :3

  3. Jennifer says:

    Hmm.Good for a Super Saiyan Trans.

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