Category: RGSS3

Area Maps 3

Area Maps

This is an add-on for Connected Maps. It allows you to treat each additional map as a separate area, rather than simply an extension to the current map. Each area has its own display...


Connected Maps

By default, RPG Maker displays one map when you are in the map scene. However, this map can be manipulated at runtime. This script allows you to connect maps together, providing a seamless transition...


Overlay Maps – layered maps in Ace

This script allows you to create “overlay maps” on top of each other. In other words, map layers. Overlay maps allow you to create much more visually attractive maps since you now have control...

Troop Event Spans 7

Troop Event Spans

Ace provides three event spans: Battle – activates at most once per battle Turn – activates at most once per turn Moment – activates whenever events are checked This script adds additional spans for...

Counted Loops 0

Counted Loops

This script extends the interpreter by allowing you to create a “counted loop”. All commands inside a counted loop will repeat until you reach the total loop count.