Area Maps

This is an add-on for Connected Maps. It allows you to treat each additional map as a separate area, rather than simply an extension to the current map.

Each area has its own display name as well as list of encounters. Areas can be useful if you want to divide a large map into multiple different parts, while managing each part separately.


Script: download here
Required: Connected Maps


Place this script under Connected Maps, and above Main.
When this script is added, all connected maps will be automatically converted to areas.

Each area comes with the following properties. They are specified in the map object that will be connected to the current map.

  • Their own display name
  • Encounter list
  • Encounter steps
  • Battle backs
  • BGM and BGS

It uses the same tileset as the current map though.

You can get the current area by using a script call, which returns a Game_Area object


You can also get the area ID from the Game_Area object


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3 Responses

  1. How are notetags handled in each area.

    • Tsukihime says:

      There is not much support due to how each connected map is done: they simply extend the current map, so they are no longer individual maps. The area add-on itself does not automatically delegate methods defined in the map class to the current area either.

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