Update: Properly looped overlay maps

I have implemented a major update to Overlay Maps.

Previously, if your overlay map was smaller than the current map, it will automatically loop itself throughout the map as far as it could. With the most recent update, proper loop checking is performed to make sure that the maps will only loop if you have set them to loop in the map properties.

I have also implemented a concept called “map synchronization”. This allows you to specify whether the overlay map will be synchronized with the current map or not (in terms of effects)

For example, if the current map is shaking, you may or may not want the overlays to shake as well. If the overlays are supposed to be a part of your current map, then you would want it to shake with your map. By synchronizing the overlays with your map, you won’t have any strange issues where your map is shaking, but the overlay is not.

The note-tag has been updated, so you may need to update your maps if you are using this script.

To set up looping, you would do so in the map properties as usual

An example of what I mean:

Here’s my sky city with sky island overlay, without proper loop checking, you can see that the map repeats itself.

And here it is with loop checking implemented. The map is only drawn once.

The note-tag has been updated as follows

<overlay map: map_id order offset_x offset_y scroll_rate sync>

If sync is 0, then the overlay map is not synchronized with the current map.
If it is 1, then it is synchronized.

By default, all overlay maps are sync’d.

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