State Rate Popups

This script is an add-on for Yanfly’s Damage Popup script, either the standalone version or built into Ace Battle Engine. It displays popups when you use a skill that inflicts a state, informing you whether the enemy is resistant or immune to a state.

Note that only states inflicted using “effect: add state” are displayed, and not “atk state” features.



Script: download here
Required: Ace Battle Engine or Yanfly damage popup


Place this script below the required scripts and above Main.


Plug and play.

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9 Responses

  1. azurezero says:

    It works in game :3 cheers

  2. azurezero says:

    I couldn’t get this to work…unless it doesnt work properly in the troop battle test… I’m using the built in ace one

  3. TiagoMS says:

    Hime, please create a "Damage PopUp" that does not rely on YanFly Ace Battle Engine .. Please.

  4. daphnesbook says:

    This is great! Absolutely wished that Yanfly had written this originally. Nice. Thanks Tsukihime!

    I wanted to ask here… I am having trouble with the State Resist popup. I figured out that if I add a feature with State Rate (Poison) * 0% to an actor, I'll receive Immune status popups when I try to apply that state through an inflicting skill. That works fine.

    Adding a State Resist feature, though, doesn't do anything. There is NO popup. I can't get a resist popup at all. I am using only the Core Engine and Ace Battle Engine. Help? What am I missing? (And yes, I am using the effect: add state feature in the inflicting skill box.)

    Has anyone come across this problem?

    • Hime says:

      What's the difference between state rate and state resist?

      • daphnesbook says:

        It's a small but crucial difference. The State Resist feature completely negates the inflicted state from being addable, i.e. knockouts are prevented even at 0 HP, meanwhile if using the normally reliable State Rate (Death) * 0%, your characters will kick the bucket and game over.

        Other than that problem, without a State Resist popup, it looks like your whole party is suddenly no-selling. (

  5. RogueDeus says:

    Definitely helps make status’ easier to notice. Thanks for this.

  6. Nirwanda says:

    Thatnks alot!I’ve been waiting for ages for something like this. Now, the only missing popups are for cover and counter. Just a thought. 😛

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