Vehicle Routes


This script allows you to set move routes for vehicles on the screen using the move route editor.


Script: download here


Place this script below Materials and above Main


Before a move route command, make a script call


Where TYPE is one of the following


The next move route command will be applied to the specified vehicle, if
the vehicle is on the same map.


Note that there are two special move commands available for vehicles. Use a script call:


The vehicles will play the appropriate animations for getting on and off.

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5 Responses

  1. Ian Bach says:

    Do you have a script to make it so a vehicle can be a horse?

    I want to have 2 dif graphics at least i guess one just the horse and then ones for each character but at least main character.

    I tried will plug and play but it only works on the small boat vehicle.

    I need at least 2 land vehicles on game I am making
    thanks for all the awesome scripts you write.
    I am new to rpg maker and am lovin it. !!

  2. Johnny says:

    Very useful!


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