Player Selection – Mog Edition

This is a modified version of Mog Hunter’s Character Select screen. It allows you to choose between different players.




Required: Player Manager


Place this script below Player Manager and above Main.
Add the required resources into a folder called “Player_Select” in your Graphics/System folder


To enter the player select screen, make a script call


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10 Responses

  1. Mattsuharu says:

    Hello Hime!
    Well, I’ve a really weird problem. I’m using a Quest script and for some reason it crash with this script when the scene selection is on.

    Script ‘Quest’ line 902: NoMethodError ocurred.
    undefined method ‘accepting? for


    I really want to use both scripts. If there’s a way to fix this it would be a lot of help!

  2. Linton says:

    Hi its just saying Script’Game_Interpreter’ line 1411: NoMeathodError occurred.

    undefined method face_name for nil:NilClass

    please help i really like this!

  3. Jason Banchs says:

    hey tsukihime, how would I go about changing the colors and such for said graphics? Too colorful and the “Tales of RPG” sign has got to go

  4. toastycheese says:

    By “modified’ do you mean “Works with other people’s scripts?”

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