Player Manager

This script allows you to manage multiple players. Each player has its own party, which allows you to separate actors into different groups and control them separately.

Each players also has its own location, so if you switch between players, the game will change to the selected player’s location.


Script: download here
Required: Party Manager


Place this script below Party Manager and above Main


All players must have a unique ID. The initial player has ID 1.

Creating a player is a three-step process:

  • First, you will choose an ID for the player.
  • Then, you will choose which actors will be assigned to the player.
  • Finally, you must define a location for the player, using the script call
create_player_location(map_id, x, y)

To create a new player, you would do something like this:

members = [2,3,4]
location = create_player_location(5, 10, 12)
create_player(2, members, location)

This will create a new player with ID 2, with actors 2, 3, and 4.
The player will be created at map 5, at position (10, 12).
If a player with the specified ID already exists, then nothing will happen.

Note that a party is automatically created for the player at the moment with the same ID as the player.

To switch players, make the script call


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8 Responses

  1. LaFlibuste says:

    Hello Hime,

    I was wondering, what is the difference between your Party Manager and your Player Manager? Frankly, the only use to your Player Manager seems to be to support your Player Selection – Mog Edition script. The Party Manager (which is a pre-requisite) seems more powerful in every other way… Or maybe there’s a nuance I haven’t grasped?

    Thank you for any info and congrats on such great scripts!

    • Hime says:

      Originally the intention of the player manager was to have multiple “players” in the sense that two or more people could play concurrently. Each player would for example have their own party, or if the party manager is used, multiple parties.

      The player selection script was meant to be a party-selector so it’s a bit confusing.

  2. Aytharu says:

    Hi Hime! In my game there are 3 playable characters,and they have their own history appart from the others. I try to make that 3 characters with this script of yours that i found but i do all correctly and when i press the X button(A button) it do nothing,i don’t know how to use the scripts so please can you tell me what i’m doing wrong? And its the script in this post(Player Manager) the same as the script in the link i gave you?

    • Hime says:

      Player switch is a different script. I would recommend using the Party Manager script, which allows you to switch players using a script call. If you want to be able to press a button to make the script call, look for a way to call common events using a button, for example.

  3. Heavenguy says:

    I must say you a great person for making this scripts available for all people to use.

    I have a question if you don’t mind about the “Party manager” Script. I’m making a puzzle game where I have two players. I was available to use two players using only events but that cause to much problems in the long run. I started using your script and it works nice but I ran into a problem on how I can do some eventing with player ID 2.

    I can use event move route on player ID 1 but not on ID 2. When I switch to player ID 2 and want to use an event set move route it won’t move or do anything to player. I was wondering if there is a way to do this. I’m looking like crazy for a solution but no luck so far.

    thak you for your time

    • Hime says:

      The party manager has an add-on called “Idle Party Events” (available in the download section for party manager) that will subsitute the “idle party” (ie: the one you don’t control right now) with an event that you have defined on the map.

      Because the event has a fixed ID, you can use move routes on that ID. There is another add-on called Idle Party Conditions that will allow you to do conditional checks depending on things like the position of the idle party.

      I would recommend using the event approach because it doesn’t require a special way to set up your move routes.

  4. Mario Fernandes says:

    Hello, there is a bug on this script where the switch_player(player_id) is not yet added to the Game_Interpreter. Just thought I’d point that out

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