Shared Party Inventory

This script is an add-on for the Party Manager, which separates party inventories.

By adding this script, you can share your inventory across all parties.  This includes anything in the inventory (weapons, armors, items) as well as gold.


Script: download here
Required: Party Manager, Core – Inventory


Place this script below Party Manager, Core – Inventory, and above Main


Plug and play

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14 Responses

  1. Kyril Lockin says:

    I don't understand, when i try use this script i got a problem
    I use Party Manager and Core – Inventory script to
    but show message window :
    Script 'PartyInventory' line57: NameError occurred
    undefined method 'pre_switching_processing' for class 'Game_Parties'

    • Hime says:

      That is strange. The version I have online does not say pre_switching_processing. It says pre_switch_processing. Grab a new copy and see if it works.

  2. Tsukihime says:

    No, this script is pretty simple and doesn’t identify which parties will share inventories or not. The party manager has something called “synchronized parties” which would lead to what you want, but I will need a way to display a unified inventory in that case because once the two parties decide to split up, each party will retain their own inventories.

  3. SoulPour777 says:

    Nice script! Is there also a way to isolate items like in Breath of Fire 4?

    • Tsukihime says:

      That is the default behavior in Party Manager. This script is just added if someone wants to have shared inventory like in wild arms or something.

      • SoulPour777 says:

        Default? But doesn’t that take the same item inventory of the actors you have? Say if I want main characters (4) with Shared Party Inventory and isolate another inventory for the other character, would that be possible?

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