Free Formation


This script extends the party formation system to allow customized member positioning. You can now arrange your actors however you wish (almost).

The script was inspired by Star Ocean’s party formation system, where you can choose which actors you wish to participate in battle. This is particularly useful because the exp earned from battles in that game was shared between all members, so training a single character would be faster if you can solo your battles.

By moving actors into “reserve” slots, you can effectively prevent them from entering battle.

The system assumes you are using the default menu and battle HUD’s. If you are using custom menu or battle windows/scenes, you may need to implement changes to add formation support for your party.


Script: download here


  • Patch for Yanfly’s Ace Battle Engine


In the script editor, place this script below Materials and above Main


Script calls are available to perform formation-related operations.

– locks the specified actor’s position

– unlocks specified actor’s position

set_actor_position(actor_id, index)
– Sets the position of the specified actor
– index is 1-based, so 1 is the first position in the party

The battle windows will reflect your formation

Though, this isn’t reflected on your on-map followers. But I think it would be strange …

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