Map Creator

This script provides various map creation and editing functionality. It addresses limitations in the editor such as a minimum width of 17, minimum height of 13, and maximum width and height of 500.

This script currently provides three functions:

  • Map creation – create a map with custom dimensions
  • Map resize – resize an existing map to custom dimensions
  • Map combine – combine multiple maps to form a single, large map


Script: download here
Add-on Script: here

The add-on script changes the viewport so that it doesn’t loop maps that are too small to fit the screen completely. You don’t need to dll.


For all operations, you will be creating additional data files. They are not loaded by the editor automatically, so you must close your project without saving and re-open to see the changes.

To run the script, first make sure the Run_Script configuration option is set to true. After following one of the instructions below, you can then playtest your game. The game should display a message box saying “Done”. You should close and re-open your project at this point.

Creating new maps

At the top of your script, there is an array of new map info.
Just make an entry for each new map.

Resizing existing maps

I’ve provided a hash called “Resize_Maps”.
The keys are the ID’s of the maps that you want to resize, and the values are an array of [width, height]

Combining maps

You are able to combine multiple maps into one large map. This is a possible solution to overcoming the 250000 tile limit. The editor will still crash if you try to tile it, but you can add events to the map without any issues.

The input to this is a matrix (double array), where each array represents a row, and each element of the arrays represent a column.
For example, if you have 4 maps A1 A2 A3 A4 and you want to combine them into one big rectangular shape like

A1 A2
A3 A4

You would write [ [A1, A2], [A3, A4] ] as the matrix.

It does not need to be a square matrix; you can specify however many elements you want in whatever order.

An example of combining maps: Given the following maps

Map 1

Map 2

If we combine them as [ [1,2], [1,1], [2,1] ], the resulting map will look like


  • Back-up your files before you use it in case something happens. While I back-up your map info and your existing maps, I don’t backup anything else.
  • Never resize the map using the editor if you are above or below the editor limitations
  • Do not scale down a map unless you really need to. It truncates anything that is outside of the specified dimensions
  • Do not have more than 250000 tiles on your map otherwise the editor will crash when you try to edit the tiles. You can still place events on such a large map though. If you want a very large map, combine multiple smaller maps.

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