Category: States

State Caster 4

State Caster

This script allows battlers to store a state’s caster, the battler that applied the state. If the state was applied through events or other means, then there is no caster. It is useful for scripts that...

State Charges 3

State Charges

This script adds “charges” to states. These charges represent how many times is required to remove a state. For example, a state with 4 charges means it must be removed 4 times in order...

State Animations 7

State Animations

This script provides some state-related animation effects. You can have custom animations play before a state is added, or before a state is removed. If you want to have state animations playing while the...

Param Max States 3

Param Max States

This script allows you to set states that will be added when an actor’s battle params are maxed out. You can add HP max states, MP max states, or TP max states. These states...

TP Max States 1

TP Max States

This script allows you to set up your actors and classes to add certain states when your actor’s TP is maxed out. Once the TP is no longer maxed, the state will be removed.