Category: States

Untargetable State 14

Untargetable State

This script allows you to create a state that prevents you from targeting a battler. When the state is applied, the battler cannot be targeted or affected by any skills or items. (animation not included)

Execution States 5

Execution States

This script adds execution states. These are states that are applied when a skill or item is being used, and are removed after the action has been executed.

State Faces 19

State Faces

This script allows you to setup “state faces” for each actor. A state face is just a face picture that will be used when a certain state has been applied. When the state is removed,...

Progressive States 30

Progressive States

This script adds “progressive state” functionality to your project. A progressive state is one that automatically changes to another state after a certain amount of actions or turns have passed if the state is not...

Permanent States 31

Permanent States

This script adds “permanent states” (perma-states) to your game. A perma-state is just a state, except they are not removed upon death (or other state-clearing conditions). A permastate is useful for managing features on your...