State Caster

This script allows battlers to store a state’s caster, the battler that applied the state. If the state was applied through events or other means, then there is no caster.

It is useful for scripts that need to know who applied a state.


Script: download here


In the script editor, place this script below Materials and above Main


This script provides one method that allows you to check the battler that originally inflicted a state. In a damage formula, for example, you can say

a.state_cause(4) == $game_actors[3]

Which would determine whether actor 3 had inflicted state 4 to the current skill user.

The state_cause method returns a Game_Battler object.

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  1. Mul says:

    The link on the main page is broken. It directs you to a non-existent page (

  2. Arsist says:

    Can a battler have multiple caster origins, or is it just the last battler who applied the state?

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