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This script allows you to create “Region Events”. Basically, it allows you to turn an entire region into an event based on an existing event on your map.

For example, suppose you have some Region 1 tiles. Using this script, you can connect Region 1 to an event on the map. The result is called “Region Event 1”, and when you activate Region Event 1, it will run the event it is connected to.

Region events obey all event rules. They do not have a graphic, because they are simply regions on your map. Region events are useful when you want multiple tiles to all run the same event.


Script: download here


In the script editor, install this script below Materisls and above Main


Understanding Region Events

Region events obey event trigger rules. If the region event is activated by “action trigger”, then players must press the “OK” button in order to activate the event. Similarly, if the region event is activated by “player touch”, then the player can activate the event by walking onto the tile.

Region events obey priority rules. If the region event is “same as character”, then you can activate it when you stand in front of it. If the region event is “below character”, then you must stand on it to activate it.

Region events obey page conditions.

Creating Region Events


There are several ways to create a region event. One way is to note-tag the
map with

<region event: regionID eventID>

One region can only have at most one referenced event. For example, region 1
might reference event 2.

Multiple regions can reference the same event. For example, both region 1 and
region 2 might reference event 2.

Simply add more note-tags for each region as required.
An extended note-tag is also available for maps:

<region events>
  regionID: eventID
  regionID: eventID
</region events>

It is just an alternative if you prefer that over individual note-tags.

The second way to creating region events is to note-tag events themselves.
Create a comment, then note-tag it with

<region event: regionID>

Note that the event ID used will be the ID of this event.

Changing Region Events

Region events can be changed during the game using script calls:

change_region_event(regionID, eventID)


If you want to have region 1 reference event 3, you would make the script call

change_region_event(1, 3)

This means that when region event 1 is activated, it will run event 3.
To remove region event 1, you can use the script call


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  1. This is exactly what I’ve been needing for my game! There is one map in particular that required a great deal of duplicate eventing to get done what I needed. Now that you’ve made this, I should be able to make it much less of a load.

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