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This script allows you to create reference pages for your events. A reference page allows you to create one page and then re-use it in different events or troops. This can be applied to troop events and map events.

  • For map events, the reference page will copy the event commands, page conditions, page graphic, as well as any other page settings.
  • For troop events, the reference page will copy the event commands, the condition, the span, and any other page settings

Troop events can only reference other troop events. Similarly, map events can only reference other map events.


Script: download here


In the script editor, place this script below Materials and above Main


Map Events

To create a reference page for map events, create a comment and tag it with

<reference page: eventID pageNum>
<reference page: eventID pageNum mapID>

If you don’t specify a map ID, then the event assumes the referenced event is
on the same map as the current event.

Troop Events


You can have a troop event page reference any other troop event page.
To create a reference page, create a comment and then tag it with

<reference page: troopID pageNumber>


To use page 1 of troop 5’s events as the reference of a reference page,
the comment would look like

<reference page: 1 5>

To use page 4 of map event 2 on map 6 as the reference page, the comment
would look like

<reference page: 2 4 6>

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