Enemy EX-Param and SP-Param formulas

The Enemy Param Formulas script now supports EX-Param and SP-Param formulas in addition to the basic parameters.

Now you can scale all enemy parameters according to any game data such as variables, switches, actor levels, etc.


Get the Enemy Param Formulas script


The format of the note-tag is the same as before, except with new parameter codes. The following codes have been added:

   hit - Hit Rate
   eva - Evasion
   cri - Critical Hit Rate
   cev - Critical Evasion Rate
   mev - Magic Evasion Rate
   mrf - Magic Reflection Rate
   cnt - Counter attack rate
   hrg - HP Regen Rate
   mrg - MP Regen Rate
   trg - TP Regen Rate
   tgr - Target rate
   grd - Defense Effectiveness
   rec - Recovery Effectiveness
   pha - Medicine Lore
   mcr - MP Consumption Rate
   tcr - TP Consumption Rate
   pdr - Physical Damage Rate
   mdr - Magic Damage Rate
   fdr - Floor Damage Rate
   exr - Exp Acquisition Rate

(descriptions can be found in the help file under “Reference Material –> Parameters and Formulas”)

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  1. Blue says:

    This all leads to the old website and broken links. So the script is not obtainable. 🙁

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