Category: Events


Common Event Variables

This script automatically updates a set of “common event variables” throughout the game. The purpose is to make it easier for developers to design events that rely on information such as who used a...

Camera Target 38

Camera Target

This script allows you to set the camera to follow a particular character on the map using script calls. By default, the camera follows the player.

Global Common Events 60

Global Common Events

This script allows you to assign certain common events as “global” common events. These are common events that will be run in almost any scene, as long as the run conditions are met.

Jump to Label 4

Jump to Label

This script allows you to use a script call to jump to a label in the event list. You can pass in anything as long as it evaluates to a string, such as variables.

Stacked Events 11

Stacked Events

This script allows you to indirectly stack events by using a single event to store event pages for multiple events. The game then sorts the pages and then splits it up into multiple events that are...