Category: Events

Follower Event Touch 9

Follower Event Touch

This script makes it so that if an “event touch” event comes into contact with a follower in your party, the event will also be executed.

Choice-Move Handlers 5

Choice-Move Handlers

This script provides a custom event (as in, event-driven programming) or choice windows called an “on cursor move” event. This event is triggered whenever the choice window cursor changes to a different option. You can...

Event Wrapper 39

Event Wrapper

This script provides a wrapper for the RPG::Event class and other related classes. It adds additional methods to allow you to create event commands directly without having to go through the event editor, and...


Post-battle Events

This script allows you to set up troop event pages as “post battle” events. These events will run after the battle is over, but before the game leaves the battle scene. It allows you to run...

Preserve Data 36

Preserve Data

This script allows you to “preserve” data throughout the game without requiring the user to save the game. For example, if a player enters a room and a switch is turned on, you can...


Random Event Positions

This script allows you to randomize an event’s position when you enter the map. Regions are used to designate the tiles where an event can appear.