Choice-Move Handlers

This script provides a custom event (as in, event-driven programming) or choice windows called an “on cursor move” event. This event is triggered whenever the choice
window cursor changes to a different option.

You can attach handlers to this event that will be fired whenever the event
is triggered. Each handler holds a method and a set of arguments, and when
the handler is called, it will pass the arguents to the method and call the


This script does not support changing scenes such as opening the party
menu or save menu.



The demo shows a very simple use of on-cursor-move event handlers. It simply displays what your current selection is.


Place this script below Materials and above Main.


To assign an event handler, use the script call

choice_move_handler(choice_num, method_name, arg1, arg2, ... )

choice_num is the number of the choice you want to assign this handler
to. 1 is the first choice.

method_name is the name of the method that will be called when this
handler is called.

arg1, arg2, ... are the arguments that will be passed to your method
when the handler is called.

You should have methods defined in Game_Interpreter for user convenience.


Suppose we have the following method:

def show_gab(text)
  gab("Your selected choice is: %s" %text, 0)

It takes some text and displays it in a gab window.
We have a list of choices:


Let’s have each option display the option you have selected in a gab window

choice_move_handler(1, :show_gab, "One")
choice_move_handler(2, :show_gab, "Two")
choice_move_handler(3, :show_gab, "Three")

When you run the event and scroll through the choices, you will see the numbers
printed to console as expected.

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5 Responses

  1. UUDDChamp says:

    I love the idea of this script, but unlike Larger Choices and Choice Options, I can only seem to get this to work when the script call is immediately above the choices in the window. If I wanted to attach the choice windows to a message, I have to put the script call in between them, spliting the message and the choices, where as with the other choice scripts they can precede the message and still take effect. I know this is a long shot, but any hints on a work around? You do amazing work!

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