Jump to Label

This script allows you to use a script call to jump to a label in the event list. You can pass in anything as long as it evaluates to a string, such as variables.



Script: download here


Place this script below Materials and above Main


Make a script call

jump_to_label(label_name, match_substring, ignore_case)

label_name is the name of the label you want to jump to
match_substring is a boolean that determines whether partial matching is ok
ignore_case is a boolean that allows you to ignore label casing.

For example if you have a label called “test label”, then the following calls will all jump to that label

jump_to_label("test label")
jump_to_label("test", true)
jump_to_label("TEST LAbeL", false, true)

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4 Responses

  1. Riker says:

    Can this script call jump to a label that is at the very beginning of the calling event rather than after where the common event was called? Doesn’t seem to be working when I try and do that.

  2. Yin says:

    Can this be used to jump to a label in a different event?

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