Feature: Geomancy Element Shift

This feature allows you shift a target’s element rate during damage processing. It uses the following rules for element shifting on the elemental damage:

  • If target absorbs element, then it nulls it
  • If target nulls element, then it halves it
  • If target halves element, then it takes full damage
  • If target takes full damage, then it doubles it
  • If target is weak against element, then it absorbs the extra damage


Script: download here
Required: Feature Manager


Place this script below Feature Manager and above Main


Tag feature objects with

<ft: geomancy_element_shift>

All elemental damage will automatically be adjusted based on the following
shift rules: for some rate r,

r < 0, then r = 0
r in [0, 0.5), then r = 0.5
r in [0.5, 1), then r = 1
r == 1, then r = 2
r > 1, then r = -(r - 1)

You can adjust these rules however you wish for your own project.

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