Tutorial: Setting up elemental absorb

This tutorial shows how to set up elemental absorb.
In the database editor, you will find a feature called “element rate”

But what does it mean to have a negative element rate?

If we think of the percentage as a multiplier, we have something like

0%   = 0   # multiply by 0,   ie: no damage
50%  = 0.5 # multiply by 0.5, ie: half damage
100% = 1.0 # multiply by 1.0, ie: full damage
200% = 2.0 # multiply by 2.0, ie: double damage

So a negative percentage would be

-50% = -0.5

This means the damage will be multiplied by negative, which means the target actually gets healed.

The database editor does not support negative values. However, using the Feature Manager, this is not an issue.

Simply tag an object with

 <ft: element_rate element_id rate>

Where element_id is the ID corresponding to each element, which you can look up in the Terms tab.
The rate is just the percentage, specified as a float.


For example, if you want your actor to absorb 100% of fire elemental damage, you would look up the element table and then tag your actor with

<ft: element_rate 3 -1.0>

You will need to set up your skill or item’s damage element appropriately, or make sure that the atk element features are set up correctly.

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7 Responses

  1. Amyrakunejo says:

    It’s really strange. I have a skill that does both HP (Vitality) and MP (Stamina) damage, and it is setup with a specific Element (I created an Element by the name of Chakra). I made an armor that absorbs the damage with the script, but…it still does the MP damage.

    The MP Damage is an Added Effect to the skill, so I’m not sure if there is a way around it, but since I can only have the skill do one type of damage as a standard (I actually have a lot of compound effect type skills like this), it is kind of hard to determine what to place where.

    • Hime says:

      Elemental features only affect the damage value provided by the damage formula. Potentially, you could use something like Skill Links that allows you to execute one skill, which will in turn execute another skill (without the player knowing about it).

      So you could set up your first skill that does HP damage, and then your second skill that does MP damage, and then instruct the first skill to link to the second skill.

  2. Amyrakunejo says:

    Do I only need the Feature Editor?

    Because that is like, one of the staples of RPGs; having a time where something heals instead of hurts. It would seem that so many standard RPG features like this one, would be implemented into the editor already…

    • Hime says:

      It’s strange that negative numbers are not supported, but you would basically need any script that allows you to provide negative numbers for that specific feature.

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