Custom Page Conditions


Events are a collection of pages. Depending on which page is active, the event will appear and behave differently. To determine which page is active, a set of page conditions are used. If all page conditions are met, then that page can be activated.

By default, RPG Maker provides 5 different page conditions:


But if you wanted to have a different condition, you would need to find a way to accomplish that using only these 5 conditions. This may involve using parallel processes to check whether conditions are met, in order to turn on a switch or change a variable.

This plugin provides you with an easy way to define your own page conditions without having to come up with workarounds. If you want to check whether you have a certain weapon or armor, or whether a given combination of actors is in the party, you can directly specify this in your event.

By using custom page conditions, it improves productivity and makes it easier to manage your project. Need some more page conditions? Download the plugin and try it out!


Plugin: download here (right-click and save as)

  • Want to read the motivation behind this plugin? Check out the dev log!


Download the plugin and place it in the “plugins” folder in your project’s “js” folder. Then open your Plugin Manager (F10), double-click an empty row, and select the Custom Page Conditions plugin.

Once it is in your list of plugins, turn the plugin on.


To create a custom page condition, in your event, start by creating a comment that reads

<page condition>

This tells the engine that you are now beginning a page condition.

Next, you can create any event commands as your page condition.

  • You can use conditional branches to check whether certain conditions have been met.
  • You can use Control Variables to set a variable to a random number, and check that value to see if the page should activate. This is random page activation!

Here is an example of an event page that will be activated only when two specific combinations of actors are in the party.


These commands are executed during the page selection process, which is done by checking the last page and working up to the first page. Any commands that are in the page condition will be processed like usual.

A page will only be considered active when this plugin command is executed


This gives you a lot of flexibility over when a page should be activated or not.

Finally, when you are done with your page condition commands, create another comment and write

</page condition>

Which will tell the engine that the page condition is complete.

Page conditions will not be executed as part of the normal event processing, so you should only have page condition logic in there.

Custom Troop Page Conditions

You can use these page conditions in troop events as well!

The instructions are the same as for a regular event: add the start comment, write your logic, and then add an end comment.

However, note that troop events require one of the default page conditions to be met. So for example, suppose you wanted an event to run the first time someone was poisoned and you wrote this:


This won’t actually acticate because the default condition is “Don’t Run”. If you want it to run at anytime, reserve a switch that will always be ON and then use that as the default troop page condition.


Note for MZ Users

The screenshots were taken in MV. For MZ, with the new plugin command interface, this is how it would look

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350 Responses

  1. Renato says:

    Hime, can I multiple condition calls like:

    </page condition>

    </page condition>

    Or only one tag per page?
    Thanks, it’s an awesome plugin nonetheless.

    I’d only ask a better explanation in the plugin instructions(on RPG Maker’s plugin screen).

  2. Sarry says:

    Hi, I came across a weird bug while using the plugin.
    Some events in my game skipped the first command after the </page condition>, so I edited the plugin and I replace page.list.splice(i, j-1) to page.list.splice(i, j-2) and it seemed to fix the issue.
    Was this supposed to happen? Did I do right with the edit?
    Thanks for your answers.

  3. Amorous says:

    Hey thank you for your great plugins.
    I was wondering if I can use your Custom Page Conditions in my Patreon project?

  4. Ashly McGreagor says:

    Has anyone been able to get this to work in RPG Maker MZ 1.1.1?

  5. GGG says:

    Very easy to use! It’s a nice plugin! I was impressed!

  6. Marc Baril says:

    I got a question.
    I use your script and I enconter some begavior. I did’t know if that came from your script or if it’s a rpg maker bug.
    inside my page I use conditional brench with script.
    I use this script:
    $gameParty.leader() === $;
    That look of actor 3 was the leader…
    But it’s did’t work as long as I did’t talk to another npc.

    On the other side if I put actor id in variabl first(exempl 300) it’s work immediatly:
    $gameParty.leader() === $$gameVariables.value(300));

    I tryed to find out the problem.
    If after going in the menu and changing player position I talk to a NPC wih text only, it’s did reresh it and still didt check the condition.
    If I talk to a player that add a player on the team, the event immediatly refresh.
    If I talk to a playr that just affct a valu to a variable(any variabl) it’s refresh corectly.
    Any idea where that comming from?

    Also did you have an idea by the way how check if the leader have a specific skill?

  7. Erick Sandoval says:

    Could it works with the “Common Events”?

  8. Sundricat says:

    In a troop event page, how would I check for a specific enemy ID in troop position 1?

    • Sundricat says:

      I also need to do a script call to check if a certain troop position contains an enemy.

      • Hime says:


        Will determine whether the fourth position contains an enemy or not. You can use that as your condition.
        If there is no enemy, it will be false.

    • Hime says:


      returns an array of enemies in the current troop. It is zero-indexed, so position 1 is index 0.


      Will give you the enemy in position 1, which is a Game_Enemy object.


      Will give you the ID of the enemy (default, the database ID). You can then check if it’s equal to a particular ID or not.

  9. Kiki says:

    I was wondering if someone could help me. I’m trying to make an after-battle pre-victory screen conversation, ala Tales of-series. I have HIME Endphase trigger, and this one, and a yanfly(i think) plugin that duplicates the first troop pages for every troop. But there’s no “if all enemies are defeated” conditional branch that I can do, and I’m not sure how to get around it.

    • Kiki says:

      Nevermind, I got it! Just have to mark the conditional branch as knockout enemy 1/2/3/4 etc and it will apply to all monsters, and it works,

  10. Sundricat says:

    This is a perfect match to go with a quest system can look up information on a quest using a conditional branch script call.

  11. SoulOfRock says:

    Can you help me to use your awesome plugin with Vlue Time System I want to make appear an event only at the 8pm. Help pls >u<

  12. Troctzul says:

    This looks super helpful! Downloading now, and hope to make good use of this plugin!

  13. PenutChen says:

    I have some problems with scripts.
    I made this:

    comment: < page condition >

    script: false;

    but this page still appear, why?

  14. MuteDay says:

    have you thought about adding
    < page condition or >

  15. MuteDay says:

    i was wondering if you could add something like so we wouldnt have to use the script calls, for instance

    if: party has (item)


  16. Bearsmith says:

    One of my favorite scripts. I love anything that reduces the number of workarounds I have to do. It gets out of hand sometimes! Thank you so much.

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