November Summary

Here’s a summary of activities that have taken place from HimeWorks! The purpose of this summary is to let you know all of the plugins that have been created, or are currently in progress, and potentially future plans that I have for the next month! (Or current. Depending on when I write this).

Changes in Terms of Use

All MV plugins and Ace scripts are now free to use. I would prefer if you contacted me if you use them in your game (whether it will be commercial or not) so that I can see what you’re making and what ideas you have.

Support me on Patreon!

I started a Patreon campaign in October during the release of MV. It has been received well, and I will continue to look for more ways to use the campaign to provide extra resources for anyone that wishes to support me, as well as ways to contribute to the community in other ways with the funding that is collected.

As a patron, you will receive access to my development log, where I discuss coding and plugin development issues.

You may also become a beta tester, which allows you to gain access to plugins before they are released!

A new milestone has already been announced as well, to encourage the move to MV for those that may not be able to afford it!

Plugin Summary

Here’s a list of plugins that I’ve written over the month. There are some 30+, and cover a lot of different areas. I have made some attempt to categorize them.

Event-Related Plugins

Looking for ways to make your eventing more powerful? I’ve put together a list of plugins that might be useful!

  • Hidden Choice Conditions
    • Want to easily hide a choice selection from view without having to create multiple sets of choices for each combination?
  • Conditional Choice Text
    • Maybe a choice should display different text depending on certain conditions?
  • Random Encounter Events
    • Do you want to execute an event everytime you run into an encounter? Perhaps also cancel the encounter using the event?
  • Hidden Shop Goods
    • Allows you to hide shop goods that shouldn’t be seen!
  • Placeholder Message Faces
    • Have the game show faces depending on the actors’ current faces, not a pre-defined face
  • Timer Pause
    • Provides event commands for pausing and resuming the timer!

Battle-Related Plugins

Want to enhance your battles? Maybe you can try some of these!

  • Random Repeats
    • Have skills repeat a random number of times. For example, maybe a particular skill will hit the same enemy randomly between 3 and 8 times.
  • Double Cast State
    • When this state is applied, any skill or item that can be affected will repeat twice as many times, for the cost of one!
  • Progressive States
    • States that automatically turn into other states when they expire
  • Remove State on Action
    • Have your states removed based on the number of actions you perform
  • Overriding States
    • Adding a state may remove another state
  • Toggle-able States
    • Adding a state when it already exists will remove it
  • Custom Death States
    • These are counted as death states, except you don’t actually have to die!
  • Counter After Hit
    • Whenever a battler counterattacks, they will get hit first before they counter
  • State Damage Modifiers
    • Allows you to evaluate extra damage formulas when a state is active

Visual Effects and Animations

Actor and Party Related Plugins

Customizes the way your actors and parties are handled!

  • Multiple Inventories
    • Allows you to manage multiple inventories, quickly swapping between inventories to suit your storyline
  • Equip Slots Core
    • Assign custom equip slots to each and every actor individually.
  • Custom Party Leader
    • Designate a custom actor, who might not be in the party, as the leader

Enemy and Troop Related Plugins

Customize your enemies and enemy troops!

  • Enemy Reinforcements
    • Summon new enemies to battle! Or remove enemies from battle!
  • Enemy classes
    • Gives your enemies classes!
  • Enemy Levels
    • Give your enemies levels!
  • Enemy Equips
    • Give your enemies equips!
  • Sideview Actor Enemies
    • Have your enemies look like actors!
  • More Enemy Drops
    • Enhances the way enemy drops are handled in the database. You are no longer limited to 3 drops, and you can assign custom drop rates using formulas which can be used as conditions for your drops

Menu and Scene Related Plugins

Things that improve your user-interface and overall flow of the game!

  • Pre-Title Events
    • Now you have full control over the title screen, and whatever happens before the title screen, using the same events you’re already familiar with!
  • Gameover Events
    • Determine how the gameover sequence should be processed, again, using events!

Other stuff

  • Easy Audio Looping
    • Allows you to set up custom audio looping and start points using a simple text file

Moving Forward

In December, I will continue to work on the Shop Manager, as well as battle scene animation plugins. You may have seen them on the RMW forums already.

I will also begin working on battle systems that I’ve been designing. They aren’t new battle systems, and some of them already exist for MV. However, what I am interested is to allow developers to mix and match battle system components to create unique battle systems quickly and easily. But who knows how that will work out.

Anyways, stay tuned for more things from HimeWorks!

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