Gain EXP Effect

This script allows you to create an effect for your skills and items that will add (or remove) exp from the target.


Script: download here


In the script editor (F11), place this script below Materials and above Main


Add the note-tag to skills or items

<eff: gain_exp>
</eff: gain_exp>

Where the FORMULA is any valid formula that determines how much EXP you
will gain or lose.

The following formula variables are supported

 a - user of the item/skill
 b - the actor that will gain/lose EXP
 v - game variables
 s - game switches
 p - game party
 t - game troop

Note that there is no effect on enemies.


To add 200 EXP to the target, use the note-tag

<eff: gain_exp>
</eff: gain_exp>

To add 50% of the EXP required to next level, use the note-tag

<eff: gain_exp>
  b.next_level_exp * 0.5
</eff: gain_exp>

To add EXP based on variable 3, use the note-tag

<eff: gain_exp>
</eff: gain_exp>

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2 Responses

  1. Amyrakunejo says:

    Um, just a question on the formula piece.

    Is it

    (variable type) + (integer goes here)?


    b + 100 (as an example)

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