Tutorial: Enhancing troop functionality

A troop is a collection of enemies. The troop editor in the database allows you to visually place enemies on the screen and set up troop events that will run during battle. These troops are then set up as random encounters on a map or as evented battles.

A number of scripts are available to increase the functionality of these troops, from troop encounters to the number of enemies within a troop.

This script allows you to assign conditions to encounters. If the conditions are not met, then the troop, or enemy, will not be encountered. Encounter conditions provide finer control over your map encounters and allows you to tie them to various game data such as switches, variables, or actor stats.

By using the visual troop editor, you can place dummy enemies on the screen and create rules telling the engine how to replace the dummies. This allows you to simulate random encounters while minimizing the number of troops required to achieve this effect. Aside from random generation, the placeholder rules are flexible enough to control how enemies are generated.

By default, the engine uses a single escape formula to determine whether the party escapes from battle or not. This script allows you to specify a custom escape ratio for each troop.

Troop event editor provides three event spans: Battle, Turn, and Moment. This script provides additional event spans that would make it easier to set up certain events.

The editor allows you to add 8 enemies per troop. If you would like more than 8 enemies, you can use this script to “combine” multiple troops together.

The troop editor allows you to designate enemies to “appear halfway”. This script is based on that concept, except it allows you to have entire troops, or members from other troops (or the same troop) enter the battle, as well as leave the battle.

Custom music for each troop. With evented battles, this is easy to accomplish, but for random encounters, it is less obvious.

The default victory and defeat conditions are when all actors are dead, or all enemies are dead. You can use battle rules to specify the victory or defeat conditions.

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