Global Event Tracker

This script uniquely tracks events throughout the game. It introduces the
concept of an Event Unique Identifier, or simply an event’s uid.

The uid is composed of two pieces of information

-the event’s ID
-the map the event was initially created

The information is stored in an array and then hashed, forming the uid
for the event. The uid is stored with the Game_Event and assumes there is a
one-to-one correspondence between a Game_Event and its contained RPG::Event.

All events are then stored in a global hash which you can look up if you
need to.

Note that any scripts that duplicate events without properly assigning new
event ID’s may not be compatible with this script.


Script: download here


Place this script below Materials and above Main


This is a utility script for developers.

All references to events are stored in


You can access an event via


Where the uid is as described above.

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    This seems to be missing from dropfile:
    Nothing Here
    The file you’re looking for has been deleted or moved.

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