Common Event Shop

The common event shop allows you to sell items that execute common events. Whenever an item is purchased, any common event effects attached to the item will be executed. This is a powerful feature because you are able to do anything you want when an item is purchased by simply using RPG Maker’s event editor.

Setting up a common event shop is a matter of picking a number of items from the database and choosing their prices.


Script: Download here
Required: Shop Manager

Place this script below the Shop Manager.


A common event item is just an item with common event effects. In the Items tab in the database, create your items and set them up as needed.

The scope should be set appropriately:

  • “One ally” if your common event item requires the player to select an actor
  • “None” if no selection is required

The common events effects that you assign to the item will all be executed when the item is purchased

Shop Variable

This script provides a “shop variable”, which is a reserved variable that will store the ID of the actor that the player chose to purchase a common event item with. The picture below shows how an “increase level” common event may be setup using designate-by-variable event commands and party-based variable substitution in the message window.

The shop variable can be set in the configuration section.

To set up your common event shop, set the shop type before the shop processing command, and then choose the common event items that you created in the database.

Buying the “increase level” common event item with Hime, we can increase her level by 1 easily!

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14 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    All the images are blank. Do you have them hosted somewhere else?

  2. Disponi says:

    Is it possible to make certain actors unselectable? Like if I use a common event on an actor, I want to then make the actor unselectable when repurchasing that common event?

  3. anaphy says:

    I tried this script today but it seems to break the item stock limit one? it makes the item infinite.

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