Learn Skill Shop

This script provides a shop that allows you to buy new skills for your actors. It comes with a unique shop scene that will display all of the skills or spells that are available for sale.


Script: download here
Required: Shop Manager


In the Class tab, create some learning objects and note-tag them with


You can set a minimum level requirement in order to buy the skill.

In the Items tab, create some items that will represent the skill to learn.
Note-tag these items with

<buy_skill: x>

For some skill ID x.

In your event, make a script call before the shop processing command

@shop_type = "LearnSkillShop"

Then setup the skills that will be available for sale.

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20 Responses

  1. Martin says:

    Hi! Thank you for creating this. I’ve tried it but I can’t find a way to create a “buyable skills”-list. I feel like i’ve tried everything but when i test it i only get a message “unable to learn” for any skill i try to sell.

  2. Balter says:

    Hi, Hime.
    I want to change the view on shop windows where character’s sprite become character’s face. how to do it?

    • Balter says:

      Hime, which line on your scrip change the character sprite on the shop window? I want to use my character face.

      please answer.

  3. Lockin says:

    Make A Demo Please

  4. Justin says:

    I seem to have a problem. Everything works, up until the point where I buy the skill, then when i check the character's skills, it's blank, empty, there's nothing. Please help Hime.

    • Justin says:

      nevermind, i forgot to give my character magic usage, and thought heal was a special, not magic……i feel like a dumb

  5. nightdragon says:


    i downloaded your script but it gives me an error in line 140.
    uninitialized constant Object::Game_Shop

  6. Wizered99 says:

    This is kind of like a request. I have looked all over the script database for Ace scripts too that would function as a way to combine skills. I could probably manage to do this without scripts but I believe scripts may make it look less messy (and have icons!).
    I'm not to good when it comes to scripting and perhaps I do not understand the limits you have using ruby and all but I mention this here because I thought it may be a good idea to make it so that in your custom shops, something may cost a skill in order to obtain whatever is for sale. So for example, if I wanted to buy a potion, instead of costing 100 gold, it costs Skill ID 20 and would check if an actor has the skill and remove it from them in order to finish the process.
    Another example is if I wanted to buy skill id 3, it would cost skill id 1 and 2. It could possibly cost more than two skills too.

    Now it is possible there is something I haven't thought up of in order to get this possible and it would be nice if you could point that out also. I am aware that I may be able to do this through a ton of.. conditional branching, your Title Large choices script, and possibly a script that shows icons within text. Like I said though, I think having it all in a script would make it much more better looking. I believe there was a skill mixing system script created by Woratana for rpg maker vx only. When I put that script inside rpg maker vx ace, it didn't seem to crash. Nothing processes though so it probably has to be translated to ace. I know vx scripts don't usually work with vx ace scripts but I did it just to try. Anyhow, you don't have to take the request or anything, I'm just suggesting an idea since it's been so difficult to find a script like this.

    • Hime says:

      This script originally was designed to work with prices. Supporting arbitrary costs/requirements is possible, but it would require re-designing the interface among other things, which I think is the real challenge then you would have in coming up with something suitable.

    • Wavelength says:

      Wizered, the way I understand it, you're trying to use your skills as a "currency" to buy items? If this is what you have in mind, and you have some basic scripting ability, you should be able to script this on your own (using the Default Shop code as a baseline rather than Hime's Skill Shop code) using the following methods:

      do_buy in Scene_Shop

      enable? in Window_ShopBuy

      More methods would be required to make the interface prettier or more informative, but I think just these two would be enough to enable/disable buying an item based on whether you have a skill, and you can have a character forget said skill as part of do_buy. The only problem I can think of would be that without creating several new methods, you'd have no good way to choose which character should "spend" their skill knowledge to buy the item.

      • Wizered99 says:

        Thank you, however I have no scripting knowledge whatsoever with ruby and perhaps any other scripting language as well. I've put in a request in the ace forums ( http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/25949-updated-skill-mixing-system/ ). When I made this request I assumed that you could spend skills to buy other skills, and if you made a skill cost two skills it would be essentially mixing them. I thought just the added customability by making skills a currency would be a nice add-on. Honestly it might be possible through eventing but it would look very messy within the event. Also as of right now I can only imagine this working by showing the finished product and then telling the required skills to obtain this. In preference I would like it to be a mystery and if it didn't work, would not mix the skills or delete them: so you have to experiment.

  7. Wavelength says:

    Hi Hime, used this script today (it's very cool!) and it seems to have a bug when multiple Learn Skill Shops are placed in the same event. No matter which Learn Skill Shop the player tries to access, <b>it will revert to the first Learn Skill Shop that the player accessed</b>.

    This will happen even if they are on different pages of that event, and even if the player leaves then reactivates the event.

    I used the <b>@shop_type = "LearnSkillShop"</b> command before each instance of a Learn Skill Shop.

    Please let me know if you cannot recreate this bug and I will provide screenshots of the entire setup.

    It's not a fatal flaw since switches (etc.) can be used that lead to different Auto events (and it seems to work OK if multiple events on the same map each have a single Learn Skill Shop), but I thought it would be worthwhile to let you know, in case it's an easy bug to fix.


    • Hime says:

      At this point, the shop manager is designed so that the shop takes over the whole event. In hindsight, this is a terrible decision.

  8. Redneck says:

    Hey, so I'm trying to get this to work, i have both scripts imported, and I have it set up the same as you. My character can't learn the skill " Heal " for some reason, when she has it in her class "Skill" set's and since I'm developing the game, I've set her level to 99. Any ideas?

    • Redneck says:

      I can buy the skills just fine, they pop up in my inventory as an item just fine, except when I click on it, and get "Kyrie" level 99 Paladin to learn it, it doesn't let her..

      • Hime says:

        They should not appear in your item. The learn skill shop should appear the way I have shown in the screenshots, and when you purchase one of the item and select who should learn it, the character should learn it immediately.

  9. any way to play a sound effect and show a message saying "Hime has learned X skill" after purchase?

    • Hime says:

      Both require edits to the script.

      I will see if I can change the script to allow you to set up a common event that allows you to control how the purchase process should behave.

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