Action Speed Formulas


This script allows you to specify action speed formulas for your database objects.

An action speed formula allows you to use a formula to calculate a battler’s action speed. For example, suppose you had a “Haste” state that doubles your action speed.

In the default battle system, action speed determines who will act first. Battlers with higher action speeds can perform their actions before battlers with lower action speeds.

The default speed calculations considers three things:

  • the battler’s agi, using the formula (agi + rand(5 + agi / 4))
  • the skill/item’s invocation speed, if a skill/item is used
  • any “atk speed” features, if the skill used is the “attack” skill

The formulas provided by this script first calculates the base speed from above and then passes it to custom formulas that you define.


Script: download here


In the script editor, place this script below Materials and above Main


To specify an action speed formula, note-tag an object with

<speed formula>
</speed formula>

Where the formula is any valid formula that evaluates to a number.
The following formula variables are supported:

speed - the current speed, after any modifiers
    a - the current battler
    p - game party
    t - game troop
    s - game switches
    v - game variables

The following database objects support speed formulas:
Actors, Classes, Items, Skills, Weapons, Armors, Enemies, States


To implement a “haste” state that doubles your action speed, you would notetag
the state with

<speed formula>
  speed * 2
</speed formula>

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6 Responses

  1. lance says:

    Hi there. Id like to modify the default speed calculations. I was wondering if this would work?
    Def speed
    Speed = subject.atk_speed / 2
    Speed += Item.Speed if item
    Speed += subject.atk_speed if attack?
    Speed end

    Rather than the original method. I basically want to take agility out of the factoring all together. And i divide by 2 because its adding attack speed twice in the method which would cancel it out to just normal attack speed?
    Forgive me if this is real dumb lol but i dont want agility as a factor. I would rather it be just attack speed with the help of items and wut not.
    If this is correct will your script still work properly with the new default speed calculations? If this is wrong and wont work can you guide me to make it do what i want lol
    Thank you.

  2. hither says:

    Hey hime the script link is wrong. It leads me to Daily Bonus script

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