Parameter Tables


This script allows you to manage your parameters using external tools such as spreadsheet software or text editors. The values that you enter are “base parameters”: features are applied on top of these values.

You can set up parameter tables for the following objects

  • Actors
  • Classes
  • Enemies

The parameters are stored in csv files, one for each actor, class, or enemy. You can specify the parameters for each level. Currently, there is only support for built-in basic parameters.

You can specify parameters for any level, but you will need to use another script to increase the max level beyond 99.


Script: download here


These are param table templates prepared for you. Just download and rename them appropriately. See the usage section for instructions on filename format.


In the script editor, place this script below Materials and above Main


Download the templates from the download page. Copy and rename them as needed
for all of your objects.

Storing your Files

All actors, classes, and enemies will store their parameter tables separately. All tables must be stored in the directory specified in the configuration. You may change where this directory is stored. You should place it inside the Data folder (or a subfolder in the Data folder) if you want the files to be encrypted when you distribute your project.


Parameter Table Filenames

The format of the parameter table filename depends on the type of object you are assigned it to. They look like this


So for example,

params_actor7 is the table for actor 7
params_class12 is table for class 12
params_enemy2 is the table for enemy 2

Param Table Format

The order of the table columns are hardcoded. You should use the template that I have prepared. The order of the columns are as follows:


The first line contains the headers.
The headers themselves are not used and is only for reference.


For actors, it will try to read from the actor table, and then the class table, and finally it will default to the class param curves.

For enemies, it will try to read from the enemy table, and then default to the enemy params. If no enemy level script is used, then the enemy is assumed to be level 1.

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38 Responses

  1. DBZFan13 says:

    This may not mentioned before. Does this work with an extra stats script? Something like from Crystalnoel. Too bad that link no longer works though.

    Stats like strength, and stamina.

  2. Welllll says:

    Table templates links didn’t work. When I clicked that hyper-link, that link dinn’t open, so I can’t download those tables.

    • Welllll says:

      I solve it. this hyper-link didn’t working fucking google-chrome…
      That hyper-link working available at microsoft-edge.
      Fuck google-chrome…

  3. asdf says:

    Hello, HimeWork

    I want to use your parameter table script for my commercial project. Will it be okay?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hello… I am doing a game where the level max is 1000 , and are 8 characters…. so… How can I do a diferent way for do this (when I used the “,” is so hard for 1000 levels… )

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  6. TiagoMS says:

    HIME Hello, very interesting script.
    I wonder if it is possible to add other attributes in the list, for example: critical chance, evasion, magic evasion … among others.

    Thank you.

    • TiagoMS says:

      My fault, did not read the instructions carefully.
      The instructions says: "The only support the basic attributes".

      ps – For the record, the template does not follow the same model of the figure in the post.
      The template uses only one column. In each cell is placed all the values ​​(separated by commas) for each level.

      As shown, there are nine columns in total (however, does not work if it is put in this form)

  7. Madness1631 says:

    Hello there! your script is actually amazing, but i am having problems with the limits from the VXACE. The game follows the table and everything but when the character goes to a level that, for example, the HP is above 9999 the value stocks at 9999 and it doesn't grow anymore. I don't whats the problem or if i missunderstood the target from the script. I hope you could help becouse that would be a very great and awsome help for my project. thanks!

    • Hime says:

      The script simply allows you to specify parameters in a spreadsheet. It doesn't provide any other functionality such as going beyond the default limits.

      You will need to use another script that provides that functionality, such as yanfly’s adjust limits script.

      • Madness1631 says:

        Ach so, Actually looking around on your scripts i found the feature max & min and it solved my inquire. Thank you very much!, your scripts actually are awsome!

      • Darkvortex says:

        So I have the Adjust Limits script, But I have a problem…My level 100 parameter is replaced by the Adjust Limits new parameter…How do I fix this?

        • Darkvortex says:

          I have these as my parameters for your script –
          And instead when I reach level 100 my stats are around

        • Hime says:

          You can trying placing this script below Adjust Limits, hoping that my script would then overwrite the way adjust limits handles parameters.

          You can try seeing if there is an option to disable parameter adjustments from the Adjust Limits script (so that you can choose which “limits” you want to adjust)

  8. Madness1631 says:

    Hey, your script is awsome, but i am having a concern. It happens that i cannot pass the limit from 9999, i don´t know why this limit is still there. I am trying to put something like hp 700000, but it shows just until 9999, as well as the other parameters that their limits are 999. I hope you are still around here, sorry for the inconvenient.

  9. Kaz says:

    Hi! This script is really helpful when it comes to creating one’s own parameter chart. However, I have a little issue: when I level up to 39, my HP reset to 1 even if the original amount was 33600 (I like big numbers), so it does for my MP at level 46 (except it’s 0 instead 35000) I think that there is a set up limit to 32767, and I wonder if it’s normal for these stats to reset? The 1 stays about 5 levels, I don’t know why either. It may be a script incompatibility, that’s why I’ll explain an other problem I had: when I was trying to make the level 100 (thanks to Yanfly Adjust Limits) I had little issues with your EXP Table, but I found how to use it without crashing (beginner’s luck, I guess.) However, it was not that simple when it came to the Parameters Tables. I tried many things to eradicate the error “‘Game_BattlerBase’ line 268: unexpected ‘+’ in nil:NilClass.” or something like that. As I said a couple lines above, I’m a complete beginner when it comes to Ruby, so that’s why I need your help, please. Thank you in advance.

    • Hime says:

      You’re right, the numbers were capped at 32768. I’ve updated the script to allow arbitrarily large numbers now.

      • Kaz says:

        It works perfecly fine. Thank you very much! Now, the only problem I have is for that level 100 thing, but it doesn’t seem to be because of your script. Well, I think I can live without it.
        Again, thank you very much! It’s very helpful this way.

      • Kaz says:

        Well, when I had the previous problem, there was a huge error when handling the level 99+ system. However, with your new update, there’s not even a single problem anymore. So, once again: thank you so much!

  10. RogueDeus says:

    Brilliant as always. Now I don’t have to suggest it!! 🙂

  11. desukarhu says:

    I’m getting an error when a battle starts:
    Script ‘Game_BattlerBase’ line 268: TypeError occurred.
    can’t convert Fixnum into Array

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