Core: Damage Processing

This script re-writes the damage processing method in Game_Battler, increasing flexibility and consequently compatibility between scripts. All it does is re-arrange each line of the original method into several methods, each performing certain types of calculations. The damage is then returned and passed to the result to apply it to the battler.

By adding more methods, there is more opportunity to insert extra calculations before or after certain modifiers are applied.


Script: download here


Intended for scripters. If you compare the original method with the new methods I’ve written, you should see that it is the exact same logic except written in a more round-about way.

I’ve grouped different damage modifiers based on whether I thought they were commutative, so for example things like element modifiers and item modifiers don’t really matter what order they appear, but it is important that base damage is calculated before modifiers are applied.

You can now choose where to alias rather than just trying to work with the original method and end up overwriting it.

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