Character Sprite Opacity

This script allows you to control a character’s opacity settings on the map.

You can increase or decrease the opacity, turning the character fully opaque (value of 255), or completely transparent (value of 0).

You can control how long the opacity change will take. For example, if you wanted to fade from 255 to 0 over a span of 60 frames, the game will automatically calculate the appropriate opacities over the 60 frames so you don’t have to do it yourself.


Script: download here


In the script editor, place this script below Materials and above Main


You can change opacity settings for different types of characters, including events, the player, and vehicles.

Event Opacity

To change event opacity, use the script call

change_event_opacity(id, opacity, duration, wait)

Where the ID is the ID of the event, and the opacity is the opacity you want to change it to

If the `duration` is specified, that is the number of frames the opacity change will occur. If it is omitted, the change will occur immediately (duration 0).

`wait` tells the game to wait while the opacity change occurs. This is useful if you want it to wait until the change has finished. By default, the game will wait until it if finished.

Player  Opacity

To change player opacity, use one of the script calls

change_player_opacity(opacity, duration, wait)

By default, followers have the same opacity setting as the player.

Vehicle Opacity

To change vehicle opacities, use the script call

change_vehicle_opacity(type, opacity, duration, wait)

The type is the type of vehicle you want to change. By default, these are


Do not forget the colon.


To turn event 4 invisible over a period of 60 frames, use the script call

change_event_opacity(4, 0, 60)

If you don’t want the game to wait while the change occurs, use the script call

change_event_opacity(4, 0, 60, false)

Changing the opacity of the airship to half-transparent would be like

change_vehicle_opacity(:airship, 128)

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