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Progressive States 39

Progressive States

This script adds “progressive state” functionality to your project. A progressive state is one that automatically changes to another state after a certain amount of actions or turns have passed if the state is not...

Corpse Retrieval 17

Corpse Retrieval

This script adds “corpse retrieval” functionality to your project. It provides a script call that allows you to create a “corpse” of your current active party. All of the equips that are equipped will...


Clock Graphic

This script replaces the default timer sprite with a custom clock picture of your choice. It might look better. (clock graphic source)

Event Command Tree 3

Event Command Tree

This script converts a list of event commands into a tree representation. The basic usage is to allow developers to debug event-related scripts that modify event trees. Rather than having to write code to...

Custom Icon Sheets 124

Custom Icon Sheets

This script allows you to designate which icon sheet you want to draw your icon from. This allows you to organize your icons so that you don’t need to load one large iconset just to draw...

Area Maps 3

Area Maps

This is an add-on for Connected Maps. It allows you to treat each additional map as a separate area, rather than simply an extension to the current map. Each area has its own display...