Noesis Plugins

List of Noesis plugins I’ve written. All of them are written in python.

To install a Noesis plugin, download the plugin and add it to the “plugins/python” folder.

Unfortunately skinning and animation is not something I have looked at, nor have successfully tried to understand, so any plugins I wrote on my own only import at most textured meshes.

List of Plugins

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  1. dai says:

    Hello, are you still working on the noesis plugin? I have a need, and I would like to buy it if I could.

  2. Willard Bitz says:

    You made use of humor and also wit to make your composing extra interesting for viewers.

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  4. Azurfan says:

    Some of the plugins seem to produce an “unknown script” error when trying to access them. Could you please check out why the HoMM6_gobj isn’t showing up? Thank you

  5. Farenheiit says:

    I trying to convert a blender model(any format) to .SkinnedMesh, anyone can help? or know how i can make this convert?

  6. SaraFoxy15 says:

    The file extensions at the end of each entry, do those only work for that specific game? Or can I use that plugin to extract other files using the same plugin? For example, Corvette uses msh files. Would I be able to use the plugin for Seven Souls to access those files in Corvette?

  7. Footman says:

    Hi, I have problems with he can exporting .43 models… can fix this script?
    enter link description here

  8. Zach Fett says:

    Hi, could you re-upload your Deadly Premonition plugin that was on this thread?

  9. great issues altogether, you simply received a new reader.

    What might you recommend in regards to your submit that you simply made
    a few days ago? Any certain?

  10. aDesperateOne says:

    .nif one doesnt show anything 🙁 can you repair pls? ty for awesome work

  11. pala says:

    Using blender preparation, how do you import and export n3pmesh and n3cskins. Help me Pls

  12. BlackIce says:

    Hi, Hime
    How can I convert from obj or any other extension to Asda2 jbm?

  13. nigel says:

    noesis doesnt open .x??

  14. MLP FIM 2019 says:

    Hello i still have not got help the tf rotf str level extracks mesh and textures! and noesis-plugins ironman 2 extracks pkg and transformers revenge of the fallen ps3 and xbox360 container str extrack okay! which means tmnt xbox 360 mdl import and export ok thanks.

  15. kamen says:

    Can you make script for models from Kamen Rider City Wars?

  16. fil says:

    hi im rtying to open evs file with ur script TzOnline .evs but got errors like this , and i test files from 2011 to 2016 y can u help me
    tnx in advance

    etected file type: Tz Online
    bpew09_1 bpew09_1
    bpew09_2 bpew09_2
    bpew09_3_T bpew09_3_T
    bpew09_2a bpew09_2
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “D:\3d\noesisv4297\plugins\python\”, line 35, in noepyLoadModel

    File “D:\3d\noesisv4297\plugins\python\”, line 168, in parse_file
    File “D:\3d\noesisv4297\plugins\python\”, line 120, in parse_material_library
    File “D:\3d\noesisv4297\plugins\python\”, line 101, in parse_material

    File “D:\3d\noesisv4297\plugins\python\”, line 80, in read_name

    File “D:\3d\noesisv4297\plugins\python\”, line 125, in readBytes
    return noesis.bsReadBytes(self.h, numBytes)
    OverflowError: Python int too large to convert to C long


    Output extension has set output file type to:
    .obj – WaveFront OBJ
    Detected file type: Tz Online
    apb01 apb01
    read 2755599323 verts
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “D:\3d\noesisv4297\plugins\python\”, line 35, in noepyLoadModel
    File “D:\3d\noesisv4297\plugins\python\”, line 174, in parse_file
    self.parse_vertices(numVerts, mesh)
    File “D:\3d\noesisv4297\plugins\python\”, line 137, in parse_vertices‘2f’)
    File “D:\3d\noesisv4297\plugins\python\”, line 163, in read
    self.toUnpacker(); r = noeSuper(self).read(fmtStr); self.fromUnpacker(); return r
    File “D:\3d\noesisv4297\plugins\python\”, line 34, in read
    noesis.doException(“Tried to read off end of data array.”)
    RuntimeError: Tried to read off end of data array.

  17. iyl says:

    *.vscene and the *.vmesh please!

  18. lyrikwritr says:

    forget it the queens blade one is worthless it has errors

  19. lyrikwritr says:

    hmm the .mesh file is it supposed to open any .mesh file or how do i mod it to use in noesis to open the target .mesh file i want it to open?

  20. william says:

    what is wrong with the TouhouSkyArena.mdl?

  21. Bionicsix88 says:

    Hello I would like to ask Script download!

    Transformers Revenge of the Fallen gameplay PS3 Xbox360 PC Script
    GI JOE Rise of the Cobra Gameplay Ps3 Xbox360 Script
    TMNT Turtles in Time RESHELLED Ps3 Xbox360 Script

    it would be very human if someone were to be stuck with them! if I get Script.

  22. Anonymous says:

    how i edit tales of pirates files?

  23. mohaned says:

    how to open gta v mods in noesis

    • SaraFoxy15 says:

      There’s another program for that, OpenIV. Each mod is different (obviously ) but shouldn’t be too difficult to do

  24. Anonymous says:

    Hello. Why can’t I download the plugin .PMD?

  25. Uzumaki Naruto says:

    Can this plugin load and save for With Your Destiny?

  26. Old nostalgic avp2 modder says:

    Hi! First off, let me thank you for the amazing stuff around here! Secondly, I’d wondered if anyone else had any issue running lithtech .dat scripts. I’m trying to open up AVP2’s (2001) original map files; but it gives me an error (couldn’t open/couldn’t read file to export). I’m not a coder, but I’ve read on a website, that is had to do something with line 190 (inside the v85). Changing “ + 1)” to “ + 20, 1)” didn’t do the trick. Any tips, guys?

  27. RielMajo says:

    Hime, I can’t access Touhou Sky Arena MDL script. It shows only “Unknown Script” When I access it. Why is it like that?

  28. Lady_Kazu says:

    Firstly this is a treasure trove of resources, thank you for this! Secondly, the .pmd scripts ask for an object, It states “ImportError: No module named Sanae3D.Sanae, I have no idea what it’s asking for! Lastly, I was wondering if you wrote a script to import Sims 3/4 content into Noesis?

  29. StormyX says:

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  30. Derpy says:

    I dont get it, I’ve saved them as .py and placed them in the right folder (along with the other python plugins) yet none of them work. Do you have to activate them somehow?

  31. LIUXXX says:

    Hyperdimension .Neptunia_Rebirth1_ism2 Unknown Script

  32. Hello, I would like to ask if someone could ask for help from the plugin Transformers Revenge of the Fallen 2009 gameplay str import and export texture jpg fine mesh obj I would be very good (help from !.

  33. Oscar says:

    How do I use the 12sky 2 plugins? when I click them all I get is a text in a new tab. Please help yours Oscar.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Help!!! I don’t understand how to use this!!!

  35. Hi, I just want to enjoy the new noesis versioon ask that you request will be for example: ps3 xbox360
    fmt_GIJoe xbox360 ps3 ps3 pc xbox360 ps3
    fmt_Shinkon Gatti Godannar_LCZ and ps2 very nice when Lene will be a good noesis plugins thank you.

  36. Anonymous says:

    The UMK3 plugin doesn’t seem to work. It only imports a few faces and they are all deformed.

  37. Rob says:

    Has anyone figured out how to open .gm2/.xmod files?

    Thanks in advance!

    Kind Regards

  38. Helló future days new plugins pl: ps3 xbox360 ps3-xbox360 ps3 pc-ps3-xbox360 ps3-xbox360

  39. Anonymous says:

    hi .. i need open files (xmod) pleas can you help me

  40. astabrother says:

    Can’t you create a plugin for .msh TheMovies Game ? Thanks in advance…

  41. XNALara-Fanatic says:

    Could you create a plugin to support .nud files so I can port some Smash mods?

  42. Nathan says:

    How Do you download these all they do it open a new window with text

  43. Anonymous says:

    need closers online 🙁

  44. CXD327 says:

    how i can downloas? xd

    i want .pmd plugin please! D,:

  45. Gotto says:

    What happen to Queensblade script? (.mesh and .map) or it won’t support anymore?

    PS. idk you doing 3D stuff too because i wenr here for RPG VXace XD

  46. Jeffrey says:

    Thank you for these plugins. Issue with unity3D is that it doesn’t work with all .43 files. I can attach error if you’d like.

  47. Kasaijinn says:

    Dear Hime,

    I’ve been looking to learn and work with python and model animation/editing, etc. Would you be able to perform any improvements on texture rendering plugins, such as the RustyHearts MGM plugin for noesis? It sounds very specific, but I am willing to support the development of this particular plugin greatly. Let me know if you’re interested.

  48. Manolops3 says:

    Dear Hime

    I still Cannot get it to work and get this error Shown in the picture :

    I am not able to find the latest

    Could you help Here ?

  49. manolops3 says:

    ok i got Sanae 3d now and the inside of the sanae3d folder…but now i get the following error :

    ????? do you know what i can do now hime ?

  50. Manolops3 says:

    Dear hime,

    The Link to Dropbox is not working for me…Could you Update the Link please or send the age of wulin gm2 and xmod Plugins To my e Mail Adress ? My Adress is :

    Thanks in Advance

    Ps : will you make a Plugin for ” bushido – Legend of the Samurai ” when it is released ?

    • Hime says:

      There are links to the two plugins on this page. Do not use the dropbox link.

      • Manolops3 says:

        I am sorry But i Really Really Cannot find the Link….and when i Click on age of wulin gm2 Or xmod Here At List of Plugins…then it brings me to a Text…..

        Searched through the Whole himeworks site with No success….

  51. Anonymous says:

    ZZ too much import error when i use mmd plugin
    line 4 in module
    importerror;no module named bpy

  52. heiying says:

    HI,You noesis-plugins is awesome! but “Unity3D .43” Can export most of the .43files,and some not. could you update ?PLZ
    Here is sample Object001.43 Object002.43 Have a nice day!!

  53. Tuzki says:

    please, i need export x3d plugin (for 9 dragon) 🙁 in noesis, please help me :((

  54. manolops3 says:

    hi i cannot find the download link for any of the plugins…

    i just need

    AgeOfWulin .gm2
    AgeOfWulin .xmod
    Unity3D .43

    could you tell me how to download and get your plugins ?

    thanks in advance

  55. MrDekart says:

    Where can I download all scripts at once?
    It could be on Dropbox.

  56. Sc4recroW says:

    Here’s a link to the files for Vegeta

  57. Sc4recroW says:

    Could you please make a plugin to import DragonBall Z Shin Budokai Another Road .amb files.

  58. Hiroshi says:

    Could you mind updating new .ltb plugins, all files of Sudden Attack Korea can’t be imported
    sample files:

  59. MrNiceGuy says:

    Thanks for finding another way of supplying your plugins. Unfortunately I still can’t open or download the file. Clicking on Unity3D_43 leads to a page that claims that the script is unknown.

  60. Hiroshi says:

    Could you mind updating new .ltb plugins, all files of Sudden Attack Korea can’t be imported
    sample files:

  61. MrNiceGuy says:

    I wanted to download your script but it says that your dropbox account has been temporarily disabled due to too much traffic.

  62. Ginev says:

    The new leaked BAttlefront 3 rax files models need a plugin for Noesis.If somone can make.

  63. ModelError says:

    Error while trying to open a 3d model format * .xps (XNALara).
    link to the model:

  64. XEN13 says:

    Make Dragonball Z Budokai 1 .AMO and .AMT script ? please !! :C

  65. David184 says:

    hello, i tried to use unity plugin to get models from game called “Block n load”.

    it gave me this error

    textures can be ripped fine tho.
    i hope you guys can fix it. i would be really thankful

  66. Hunter says:

    could you make a plugin for .dva mesh? the large file is a 3dmap

  67. Can you make a plugin for XNA/xps mesh.
    Here is code from GLLara for MacOS opensource 3d mesh viewer
    here is a blender script to import/export xps

    Bump up…

    Movietester100 February 23, 2014 at 10:26 pm
    Could you write a Plugin for xna mesh.ascii / mesh, please?
    A huge mass of models is in this format – but nearly no program can read it.
    For Noesis and the community this plugin would be a big win!

    Movietester100 February 25, 2014 at 6:11 pm
    Thanx that you would like to help!
    Would be really great, if we would get this plugin!
    Thanx for all your efforts!
    Most of the models here are xps / ascii.mesh and mesh:

  68. Jeason says:

    Dropbox link dead. plx new link!

  69. AVANGARD says:

    Hi, I have problems with it produces errors. I really don’t know python and fix bugs I can’t. Help me, give work or put it on .fbx, .obj this file here From this file depends on the coordinates of the objects on the level. P. S: I poorly know English, this is translation.

  70. Knifelemon says:

    Can u made new ltb plugin?
    i have one model. but isn’t opening

  71. Champs says:


    can you generate a plugin for .smf files from XBX STAR WARS Kinect ??

    sample + textures

    best regards

  72. CriticalError says:

    Hello finale, well I come here because for some reason, the sanae plugins won’t loaded in noesis, don’t know what happen but they won’t load, and I try load models from Age of Wulin and I can’t do it, is possible you can take a look into that and update them? really grateful if you can, many thanks for support.

  73. KnifeLemon says:

    Can you please make any plugin ?

    i cant import my model

  74. KnifeLemon says:

    Can you please makeing any plugin?

    i wnat my model converting

  75. larss says:

    do you still add on to this list?

  76. Scott says:

    The you have in the dropbox doesn’t load some mesh08 files you had working in the past like this one Could you fix it when you have some free time?

  77. rauds says:

    hello hime
    i tried your Bakemonogatari .amo plugin
    but i failed?

    may i ask you the right way to handle?

    sample amo

    and i found someguy had same issue…

  78. Yadong says:

    I run the file at the python, but error messege occured, like this.

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “C:\Users\CIA\Desktop\noesisv\”, line 3, in
    from inc_noesis import *
    ImportError: No module named inc_noesis

    Would U give advice this situation? i don’t know how to way how to it in Noesis.

  79. Dexam says:


    could you please upload all the textures from 9dragons, everytime if i try to unpack it with quickBMS, the textures have 0kb.

    thanks a lot,

    kind regards

  80. Kunshi says:

    Age of Wulin:
    What to do after the Age of Wulin Plugins are in Noesis?
    I mean how can I open Models from Age of Wulin? I don't see any Models in the Age of Wulin folder o.o

  81. Mark says:

    Sorry, but how i can install these plugin? I paste/copy them inside plugin folder, but when i try to visualizate .wys and .msa from WYD, say "File could not be prewied".

    • Hime says:

      Inside the python plugins folder? Did you restart noesis? I don't think every format from WYD is supported by that plugin.

  82. gejebete says:

    could u help me plz? my noesis doesn't have skeleton icon like this (red arrow) . wich one plugin should i need. Thanks!

  83. Eric says:

    I hope to get your Noesis Plugins,but I cann’t open the Webpage about your dropbox folder. Could you please send me the plugin file to my mailbox.Thank you for your help.
    My Email address:

  84. Patrick says:

    Hello Hime!

    When i open TwelfeSky2 sobject file noesis brings an error! Noesis didn`t load the model, i can not say is the error on you plugin or Noesis!


  85. Yago says:

    Hi, i'm having a problem when i try import the model from Scarlet Legaxy exported using your plugin, it come with a crazy texture map like this

    This is my model if u want check!zJoTEaJK!IpTkAziQD333Ndfd1AKQvjFf1Pg47wZtuMkJ3RDEw1U

  86. Chad says:

    Hello hime,your work is so cool.
    I hope to get your Noesis Plugins,but I cann't open the Webpage about your dropbox folder. Could you please send me the plugin file to my mailbox.Thank you for your help.
    Email address:

    • Hime says:

      I've updated the link, but I remember updating it before. I am not sure if it the links no longer work after some time.

  87. Saeba45 says:

    Hello hime, your work is amazing and very helpful,
    I am looking for a script to convert models. Mdl (have models star wars clone wars republic heroes PC, converted. RKV in. Mdl with the script xentax forum) but I find no script to open with noesis (I tried all of your script. mdl, but no success).

    You will t it possible to create one?
    Or if you're too busy, you know where I can find to script or plugin?

    If you need a sample, I will provide.

    (Sorry for my bad english, im french)

    Thank you for your help.

  88. Sia says:

    Thanks Hime , i edited the script as you instructed , there were about 5-6 more cases which needed parentheses , but after all that now it gives me this error :


    Am i missing some kind of standard library for python ?

  89. Sia says:

    with help from the Xentax forums , now i know that i should put the inside the \plugins\python\Sanae3D folder in order for it to work , but now it gives me another errors as shown in this pic :

    Is there anyway to fix this ? thanks

  90. Anonymous says:

    Age of Wulin plugin gives me this error :

    from Sanae3D.Sanae import SanaeObject
    ImportError: No Module named Sanae

    i've downloaded , and put it in the plugin\python folder , but still the same error , can you tell me what i'm doing wrong ? or what else needs to be done ?
    thanks in advance

  91. Movietester100 says:

    Thanx that you would like to help!
    Would be really great, if we would get this plugin!
    Thanx for all your efforts!
    Most of the models here are xps / ascii.mesh and mesh:

  92. cherry89 says:

    please hime works, plugin ski file saint seiya online 🙂 🙂

  93. Movietester100 says:

    Could you write a Plugin for xna mesh.ascii / mesh, please?
    A huge mass of models is in this format – but nearly no program can read it.
    For Noesis and the community this plugin would be a big win!

  94. in age of wulin the GM2 plugin doesn’t WORK why?
    if you have a solution can you contact me in skype: bad_mt2 is urgemt

  95. JR says:

    Is the Unity3D plugin fully supports textures using the .*tex file extension generated by the Unity Assets Explorer??? It seems that Unity’s format of the texture inside the asset file is still in need of extensive research because there are reports that their previews in IrfanView or Photoshop are horrible or non-existent… If no such plugin exists, good luck…

    Please include which games from this list that also have texture scripts.

  96. Gilberto says:

    hi, i want to know if there is a way to edit .x3d models of 9dragons, to make it work with other game or viceversa, or make a model of other games work with 9dragons client

    • Tsukihime says:

      Noesis is not a 3D editor you will have to export it to some common format and then use a proper 3D editor to modify it. Up to you how to get it to work with other games.

  97. Wolf says:

    Are you able to convert your .msh converter for Rise of flight or RF online to convert Cliffs of Dover .msh files to Blender?

  98. Jeroen says:

    Can you help me with a noesis plugin?

  1. December 25, 2016

    […] überraschend oft. Das Programm lässt sich außerdem dank Python erweitern, und so gibt es diverse Plug-Ins (auch bei Google Code und speziell für Tomb-Raider) für widerspenstige Games. Zur genauen […]

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