Category: Utilities

Vehicle BGM Fix 1

Vehicle BGM Fix

This script fixes vehicle BGM related bugs: While the map BGM is playing, when you get on a vehicle, transfer maps, and get off, the BGM played is the BGM that was playing when...

Utils: Class Changing 15

Utils: Class Changing

This script addresses the issue where the actor changes classes, but the old class skills are still learned and the new class skills are not automatically learned. Some convenience methods for class changing is also provided...

Common Event Queue 0

Common Event Queue

This script changes the common event system to allow you to reserve multiple common events. They are stored in a queue, and are retrieved in a first-in first-out order.

Choice-Move Handlers 1

Choice-Move Handlers

This script provides a custom event (as in, event-driven programming) or choice windows called an “on cursor move” event. This event is triggered whenever the choice window cursor changes to a different option. You can...