Category: Equips


Custom Equip Types

By default, RPG Maker comes with 5 equip types: Weapon Shield Headgear Bodygear Accessory You can rename them to suit your project needs, but if you wanted to have more than 5 types of equips...


Dynamic Equip Slots

This script allows you to add or remove equip slots during the game using script calls. You can add or remove equip slots as many times as you want using simple script calls.


Core – Equip Slots

(UI not included) This script allows you to customize your actor’s equip slots. You can choose exactly which slots you want to have. Don’t need a hat? Need two accessories for a necklace and a ring? Customize...

Common Equip Events 133

Common Equip Events

This script allows you to assign common events to weapons/armors that will be run when you equip or dequip (un-equip) them. The common events are assigned separately, so you might have one equip event,...

Equippable Limits 18

Equippable Limits

This script allows you to limit how many instances of item any actor can equip at the same time. For example, if you have three accessory slots, you might disallow equipping more than one exp bonus...

Equip Manager 28

Equip Manager

This script revises the way equipment slots are handled, as well as re-defining the built-in “equip type” system. You have full control over your equip slots and is not bound to the default slots.