Category: Effects

Effect: Shapeshift 90

Effect: Shapeshift

This effect allows you to transform one battler to another by applying a state. Adding it to an actor will transform to another actor, while adding it to an enemy will transform it to...

Effect: Reflect Damage 11

Effect: Reflect Damage

This script allows you to reflect a percentage of all damage received back to the attacker. The damage you actually take is the difference between the received damage and the reflected damage.

Effect: Add self state 10

Effect: Add self state

This effect adds a state to the user of a skill/item when you successfully hit the enemy. Nothing happens if you don’t hit the enemy though.

Effect Manager: Conditional Effects 7

Effect Manager: Conditional Effects

The latest update to the Effect Manager now comes with the ability to specify conditions that must be met before an effect is applied. This allows you to define conditions that must be met...