Effect: Add self state

This effect adds a state to the user of a skill/item when you successfully hit the enemy.
Nothing happens if you don’t hit the enemy though.


Script: download here
Required: Effects Manager


Place this script below Effect Manager and above Main


Tag items or skills with

<eff: add_self_state stateID probability>

Where stateID is the ID of the state to apply
probability is the chance that it will be added, as a float

For example,
0 is 0%
0.5 is 50%
1 is 100%

<eff: add_self_state 34 0.6>

Means there is a 60% chance of adding state 34 to the skill’s user, upon successfully hitting the target.

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10 Responses

  1. TurboTom says:

    Hey, just wanted to give you a massive thanks! I’ve been trying to find a way for the user to get a temp MP Regen after doing a basic attack, obviously using the Default Attack Skill, sort of like how you regen MP by doing normal attacks on Tera Online and Champions Online etc. Anyway, I was pretty stuck with what to do, since I only wanted a specific character to have this quality as opposed to other party members and every other enemy. However, this script has given me a way to do get exactly what I needed. So seriously, thank you! 🙂

  2. alexinrage says:

    I’ve found a bug: the self state effect doesn’t work if you use a skill with this effect twice in a row.

    For example: you casted a damage skill which has also a self state effect, say, Max HP increasement for 1 turn. So, the enemies took the damage and your HP has been increased. But if you try to use the same skill immediately after the “self state” has been removed, it will not work again (the enemies still take the damage but you don’t fall in the state)
    Is it possible to fix it?

    • Hime says:

      Thanks. Seems like you can’t add it the turn it was removed. I tried a couple things but couldn’t figure out what the issue was. Will look closer at it later.

  3. RogueDeus says:


    Would you be willing to add an option for applying state on a hit or miss?


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